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Just use your computer as the center of your entertainment system. All you need is an average pc with a video card that can do 4k/8k output and a 7.1 sound card and everything you torrent or play on there can be run over the rest of your theater setup. Add in a wireless keyboard and mouse and you'll have a killer setup that you won't even have to get out of your chair to use. The best part is it's a one off investment that will pay for itself with all the movies you no longer rent or buy and it denies the jews shekels too.

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I have no issues using my main server in any of my rooms to utilize media this way. My beef is with the shitty state of the film releases as of late. Even when my kid has their unruly gang over they end up using the main projector for TV shows.

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Well you know the solution then, cut that paid shit out of your life and download everything as needed.

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i was wondering how come i never heard of this, and it's because it's a $40,000 system.

lemme hold a dolla, you rich bitch. I dindu nuffin, I'se a good boi. gibsmedat. ;)

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I know people who have $120,000 cars but bitch out that there aren't $5 meals at McDonald's anymore. Or literally own half an island but still buy stolen shit on the downtown Eastside to save a buck. To me $25k is pocket change if it keeps me from going to the theater.

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That's awesome, no shit.

I doubt I'll ever have that kind of money... Wrong choice of field, I suppose. Didn't mean any insult, I'd be proud if I was in your position. (Assuming hard work got you there)

See ya round the goat pen :)

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Yeah we get prima here in Australia.

Hes not talking about juice boxes you fucking tard.