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Stop watching jewish programming.

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I read this all the time, but then (((Eli Roth))) releases a movie with guns in it, and lot's of violence, and everyone here saying stuff like what you said all clamor to go see it. (not against you, just making a point.)

I actually agree with you 100%

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the electric jew

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I was at Target yesterday. With maybe 1 or 2 exceptions, besides myself, everyone else was either overweight, or a fucking pig. I was thinking, if Bernie gets elected, society will be paying even more to treat the diseases these pigs would not have if they took responsibility for themselves.

Shouldn't calling someone "pig" be socially accepted, since you are showing concern for their well-being, and motivating them to take better care of themselves.

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Why do you hate the poor downtrodden pharmaceutical/medical industry? They need to eat too!

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You have to pay for them anyway when they go to the ER from a heart attack. Their docs would just be throwing anorectics at them to make them skinny and move around more. That's doing more than stating something they're well aware of.

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So true. Soon the People of Walmart will be so fat and disgusting they will make Hollywood look good.

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Well, that's the intended audience, for the shows, so...

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Walmart is a sponsor! Dated statement there is no longer a gap at all.

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I didn't watch that kike award show, anybody have any screenshots?

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https://tweetsave.com/katewerk/status/970469308424794113 :

Katewerk on Twitter: "Every year the attractiveness gap between #Oscars audience and the #peopleofwalmart narrows."

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