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14% RT Critics but an Impressive 85% RT Audience Score, much higher than Black Panther

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Really, 85% on RT? Might be another Accountant. Oh man, the critics were so fucking wrong about that movie.

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Why aren't the Hollywood elite buying poor nigger kid's tickets to this movie?

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Tax cuts

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For those too young to remember, it’s the tale of a pacifist, upper-middle-class man who becomes a vigilante after his wife is murdered and his daughter is put into a coma.

No, his daughter raped into a coma only to become a mute retard in Death Wish 2 and his wife was raped/beaten to death because she was a rich cunt. And Jeff Goldbum kills rich cunts. If you want a great recap of all the Death Wish movies, check out Raz0rfist's playlist.

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A critic like Mick LaSalle liking this movie (in fact he loved it) speaks volumes. I’m a local, having grown up with LaSalle’s reviews. He’s an asshole, but he’s seldom wrong about movies. If LaSalle loves it the I’m breaking my rule and I’m going to see it in the theater - to make a statement.

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At least he is not a fucking libtard.

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Same. Going tomorrow.

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I was reading along, waiting for the reviewer to describe how Bronson's character had been turned into a liberal soy-boy by presentday Hollywood Jews, but it never happened. Maybe this remake is worth seeing ... although it sounds like almost a scene for scene reshoot of the original, and what is the point in that?

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No reason to watch jewish degeneracy. Unless you really want to give Goldblum and Eli Roth your Shekels.

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I'll watch it. Just because it's making the SJWs lose thier shit.

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I feel like you're forgetting that there's a way to watch the movie without giving jews a single agora.

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Updated 4:00 pm, Wednesday, December 31, 1969


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Notice the story says that the original movie came out during the 1970's when crime in major cities was at an all time high. What could have happened right before that time that would cause more crime in major cities?

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I really do believe it's bad. I hate Eli Roth's films.

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Fuck demented Eli Roth. I am talking about the brilliant screenplay.

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fuck Hollyweird

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