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I don't understand why the white society doesn't try and stop niggers from breeding.

Clearly their genes are undesirable, and will only create burden for the future society.

Policies dictated by "feels" will only lead to the destruction of humanity. White nations are collapsing from the growth explosion of undesirable group of untermensch and mentally ill faggots.

If more evolved "races" left Africans alone they would've already perish through natural selection, imagine if nobody try to help Ethiopians when they were starving.

Logically speaking, the more desirable group of people would be better off segregating from the undesirable. Think like high school and how the cool kids hang around other cool kids while the "bully targets" are left to their own devices. If they commit suicide, then that's natural selection in action. Humanity needs to embrace the concept of natural selection and let the undesirable perish naturally before they pass on their dead end genes.

The only way to stop white genocide is to admit that there are certain aspects of "foreign" non-white culture that can help in preventing genocide. For example, the tribalism and in-group preference seen from the Arabs and the Jews helped to ensure their survival. Pathological altruism and lack of survival gene is a weakness, and should not be celebrated as something positive.

Remember the white golden age, and how white got rid of the traditions that made them culturally superior in the first place: Segregation, anti-miscegenation law, nationalism, protectionism, selective suffrage, patriarchy, virginity culture, traditional gender roles, harsh justice, slavery, colonialism, exploitation of inferior natives, and so on. Those things should never cause white guilt, it should cause white pride, and acknowledge that all of those non-progressive things are why whites were culturally superior in the first place. Modern day East Asians are still adhering to some aspects of those "middle-age" conservative white mentality and is the main reason why they are thriving these days.

The irony is that China would be the world superpower because they chose the traditional "white" ideology and mentality over political correctness and virtue signaling. If they are importing Somalians to replace their workforce for the sake of diversity, iPhones wouldn't even be made in China. When you realize that even these third world chinese are mocking "white left," that's when the realization sets in that these "white lefts" are more pathetic than these third worlders.

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In my high school the "cool kids" acted like niggers and ended up in prison, at shitty jobs, etc. The unpopular ones actually made something of their lives.

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Confirmation bias.

That's not always the case.

It correlates more with grades. If you have shitty grades, regardless of your popularity then you'll probably fucked in the future.

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I wasn't unpopular at all. In fact, I was one of the most popular kids in school. And I'm very successful. The nignogs are 90% in jail, and a few lesser known trailer trash kids are also in jail. So how's that for your anecdotal evidence? Or were you writing the plot to every teen movie ever right now?

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I don't understand why the white society doesn't try and stop niggers

White society is rotten and full of white traitors.

In the past, we used to publicly torture and execute traitors. After successfully doing it for a hundreds of years and flourishing from a strong, healthy society, few decades ago we stopped for some reason I do not yet understand. From that moment on, destroying the society from the inside has become a zero-risk endeavour, and the destruction expectably proceeded full speed.

Niggers are not the problem.

The people who stop you from dealing with the niggers are the problem. It is not the nigger, it is the WHITE who will punish you if you harm the nigger.

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Think we solved all school funding issues. Just let them all show Black Panther.

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Imagine what black people could achieve if their schools aired Black Panther every day!

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God, it's great to be white. I think I'll not hire another nigger today and then fuck a white woman with self esteem.

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Fucking niggers.

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I guess you can't buy movie tickets with EBT cards.

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Their “chill”dren. Kids are anything but chill you propaganda spreading Jew. Op is trying to get us to medicate our kids. Don’t fall for the snakes lies. Ssssssssslitherin sssssnake

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That's pronounced "chirruns."

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Where was this fanfare for Spawn? Disney really knows how to hype up idiots to buy their shit.

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Because gibs me dat so I can feelz proud.

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Donations were asked so black kids could see a marvel film? marvel studios parent company disney corp? whats wrong with those cunts giving out free showings and better still KFC or McShitburger giving away free happy meals. I have never heard such shit in my time, we need money to bring kids to see a film. It's only a fuckin film not like a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Bolshoi ballet in Detroit or the magic flute.

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