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Every single time.

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I can't find anything that says he's a Jew, and everything I'm finding says that Schumacher is a German name.

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his nose is longer than his dick therefore he's a jew fag

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John Lasseter is not Jewish. He's just another sexually hostile goy like Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Scott Baio, and other hetero-gentile rapists and sex offenders.

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Nice whataboutism there, Schlomo.

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One of the greatest shames in all of recent history is how the devils KIKE scooped up the Disney corporation in their rat claws. Poor Walt.

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I doubt he was joking

"made jokes about the sexual prowess of black men."

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He honored the black male master race. This witch hunt is part of a war against men and male sexuality, and gay men are not being spared from it, either.

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Black male master race?? That's kind of funny. Do they hold master race gatherings in prison and plot world domination?

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Will it never end with these perverts?

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Heterosexuality is perversion and all non-Jewish religions are blasphemy. If the Jewish God wanted men and women to be together, he would have made us the same.

Goyism is racism. If you are not Jewish, then YOU. ARE. A. RACIST. And if you are a racist, then you deserve to die. If you want to deserve to live, then accept Nell Carter as your lord and savior and convert to Judaism.

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Oy vey its as if it is normal jewish culture

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Just how faggitty can one fag actually be all by himself? Cute outfit. Love the frames. And Disney put him in charge of kids' entertainment specialness? LOL!

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