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Are you fucking kidding me? For WEEKS now every SJW has been jerking off to this movie and claiming it's a huge achievement, and now that the movie is out, they've pivoted to "the company who made this movie owes us hundreds of millions of dollars for cultural appropriation"...

They cry about not being represented in film, then they are, then they demand a cut of the profits because the movie "stole their culture". What is it with these fucking peasants and their need for handouts?

EDIT: Yes it seems this may have been started as a 4chan goof n gaf but the alarming thing is that, as predicted, many SJWs on social media have gravitated to this and are un-ironically supporting it, proving the original point lol.

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I'm 99% sure this started on 4ch...so I'm going to go sign it. I'd love to see the blacklash when disney/marvel say "no" to giving money to the gib-community.

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It definitely is a psyop from the Chan's

This shit is more popcorn worthy than the movie itself

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It seems that's the case. However, I've seen countless SJWs all over social media clinging to this and spreading it. Reality has become a parody...

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Ya I remember 4chan talking about starting this just to piss (((them))) off. I like it lol.

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Can see add-on to it and say every time sites like buzzfeed talk about black culture it needs to give its proceeds to it?

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then they demand a cut of the profits because the movie "stole their culture".

No, they're asserting their African heritage. I wish I could remember the article I read about this guy who went over there and literally everyone has nothing because if you had something, you were required by social convention to give to anyone who asked. You were also required to ask for gibs from someone who had stuff you wanted.

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Not sure if it's the same thing, but here's a bit from the old "Anon Goes to Africa" greentext:

"Once, a friend of another volunteer wanted to earn some money by baking bread. He got a little bit of money together and used it to buy ingredients. He built a mud stove himself, and baked 30 loaves of “village bread” - basically a misshapen, doughy baguette. He took the bread to the road and started to sell it. Until his father came by. His father said, “You have bread! The family needs bread!” and took 20 loaves for himself and the rest of the kids (this particular father had four wives and eight kids per wife). Our enterprising African friend was left bankrupt. He lost his entire initial investment and never made bread again."

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cultural appropriation

its a fictional movie

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just like black people having culture

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doesnt matter to them, all they see is white evil and blacks do no wrong. was kangs yo

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Bu bu they wuz kangz and there are kangz in tha moviz.

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That is how manipulative they are. They make it their commitment to jew people out of whatever corner they con them into.

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"...they've blatantly targeted the black community, because they want the one thing the black community has to offer in abundance - black dollars."

Black dollars are in abundance, eh? Guess we don't need to keep funding welfare anymore!

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Not regular dollars, black dollars. Non blacks don't have black dollars... Logic.

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People have no idea the huge welfare payments these apes receive.

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I went down the rabbit hole...

The page links to this article: http://atlantablackstar.com/2017/06/20/how-gentrification-is-undermining-the-notion-of-black-community-and-destroying-black-businesses/

The article defines "gentrification":

the intentional or unintentional pushing out of residents in a community through improvements to the infrastructure.

So let me get this straight... There are people who are pushed out of their homes (?) when and as their surroundings improve??

Isn't that an admission that these people have substandard lives? That they are merely entropic exponents?

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"Entropic exponents" is a great thinking man's "nigger". I like it.

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It's hilarious to watch people argue against gentrification. "So you deserve to live here after other people brought money in to improve it because you signed a 12 month lease once?"

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Meh. This is one argument I don't really care about. Middle/Upper Class complain about property values/taxes increasing, and Lower Class people complain about rent increasing. Same shit.

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LOL no... middle class white people are GRATEFUL when an area improves and property values go up, it means they have garnered more wealth. Totally different thing to want to keep areas shitty so you don't have to find another place to try to keep shitty.

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I flip houses the gentrification this is such a fucking joke.. Can you imagine complaining about people moving into your neigborhood and raising the value of your property!!! Id be throwing parties for the people.. Black peoplenonly bring property values down.. Its pure insanity.

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Lol, blacks demanding money from the jews.

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I clicked and noticed this, right away:

0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!

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My bet would be that this wasn't actually posted by Blacks.

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The grammar and formatting are too good.

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I saw it and thought, "great trolling!"

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It was absolutely not posted by a black. Here's a snippet: "they've blatantly targeted the black community, because they want the one thing the black community has to offer in abundance - black dollars." Now, (((who))) on earth would possibly think the nigger community has "black dollars in abundance"? Just a thought.

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Too busy at work.

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You have to enable scripts.

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Yeah, that makes sense. Not doing it, though.


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7700+ now (1217pm PST)

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I don't see the Hollywood kikes giving away money

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Fuck that shit I want my money too

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Gibs me dat, Jew boy!

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