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Ryan Reynolds posts silly snap of Deadpool painting Cable | Daily Mail Online

"But that didn't stop Ryan Reynolds, posting a jokey shot of himself aka Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, painting a portrait of his new nemesis, Josh Brolin, aka time-traveling mutant super-soldier Cable on Monday.", "And he captioned the 30-second clip: 'A little hit of PCP. PremiumCableProvider #Cable,' completely unable to avoid making a joke at the baddy's expense."

'But just in case you missed it, Ryan, 41, posted a teaser for the teaser on Instagram on Wednesday. ', "Maybe the kind that leaves you more machine than man... 'It appears Deadpool was watching the teaser because as Cable grabs a bunch of wires, he pauses it, yelling: 'No!"

'The promos for the highly anticipated Deadpool 2 are really ramping up. '

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