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THIS is why we cannot have nice things. EVERY human activity can find some fucking loser that will complain about how it damages their feels. Or as Zoe Quinn so INFAMOUSLY pointed out "Everything is problematic. And you have to point it all out"

You will know PC culture has lost when a corporation has the balls to say "Sorry. It's a movie about a talking rabbit and his pretend world. Get a grip missy".

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I thought it was Anita who said that?

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I hate seeing games under attack for ideological reasons considering the medical good they do so many. Not only do they help people with depression/social anxiety interact with others. They help old people who are alone or struggling with memory and muscles. No one appreciates ideological subversion of a medium he likes. That's why it's always people who despise games, like Anita Sarkeesian or games journalists who keep demanding it. Extremely dishonest people and massive failures at life who want to make the hobbies of other people their plaything. In light of Tim Pool's observations on that Oxford "study," recent events (up to and including the lavish praise being put on North Korea), has the media at large (particularly the mainstream/legacy and even some "alternative" media outlets) become so untrustworthy and up in their own pretensions/hubris/bullshit that it's becoming harder to even know what's going on?

Sure it's nothing new you could say. But at this rate it's as if I can barely trust these groups to report accurately on mundane news or even the weather without the odds of politicizing it, blaming Trump/Trump's America, etc. At points, it's really as if they exist in some alternate universe while trying hard to make said alternate universe real. Last night I watched two videos, WorldClassBullshitters' CNBC Confirms the Star Wars Toy Sales Slump and Diversity & Comics' Marvel Insider Tells How BLEEDING COOL, Comic Book Deep State & Portland Comics Mafia Destroy Pros, while admittedly very high and for some reason came to a revelation that I hadn't realized before. All the articles defaming gamergate and similar consumer backlashes are not necessarily written to piss us off or to convince normies it's for the investors.

Here's what I scribbled down last night:

They demonize GG because it's the voice of actual consumers. It's all to poison the water and prevent investors from hearing how upset we are with companies and their products. When they say GG is just a bunch of racists and transphobes, they're really just trying to convince investors to not listen to fans. It's all a sham. They know all these consumer revolts aren't just bigoted. It's to keep wealthy investors from knowing how shitty their investments are and it's easy because global investors don't hangout with the actual consumers.

While I still do think that the social justice in companies is a part of a genuine culture war I think much of it is corporate in nature. A lot of anti-GG (or anti-comicsgate or any other similar movement) is just damage control using a shitty cultural movement to cover up incompetence. That doesn't mean there aren't true believers that legitimately think these movements are bigoted, but I wonder how much of that is simply cognitive dissonance on the parts of people trying to maintain their positions and others trying to get in.

I could probably ramble on but I don't want this to be crazy long. Hopefully this isn't something everyone already realized and I'm just late to the party. If so, please ignore.

It's funny...over a decade ago if was told that all one needed to do was just look up different papers and such for differing points of view for a full picture, I'd have fully bought it. But now...I still want to believe the Internet's supposed to make us more informed of the world around us, not devolve into a narrative machine. And good grief I hope I'm not alone in this or sounding like I'm taking crazy pills.

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Fuck. Plenty of people grow up with allergies or other annoying diseases. The parents must be pure cucks. They need to tell the kid to be careful, learn to live with up and then just grow the fuck up. If it doesn't kill you. it makes you stronger unless your in an SJW household.

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Is this how that 'survival of the fittest' concept works?

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Morons complain about accurate depiction of having allergies in film.

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You mean people actually went to see this shit?