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if youre gonna alter the film that much, why not just call it something else? because no one is gonna take the movie seriously anyway. its gonna take plae in 2018? so...are they gonna play tic tac toe with a computer? really?

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They also took Overboard, a stupid but cute little movie with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, and turned the sexes around on it.

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SJWness aside, when you change a story around so much that you're basically completely rewriting it, you shouldn't be allowed to use the same title.

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It's not a real movie, it's some interactive webisode shit. Don't freak out.

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Just googled images of "computer hackers" not a one is a split-tailed POC.

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The didn't ruin the remake. The remake was made to ruin the original.

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I mean, was there any hope at all of this not being terrible?

First off, Re-makes are awful and unnecessary. We can just rewatch the original. Second, we are completely out of phase with the intersection of different cultural moments that constituted the first Wargames. The Cold War as we knew it is over, and frankly, I'm far more concerned about enemies within the US, than anything Russia can do. That state of heightened readiness and national vigilance is gone, and it was cruical to the movie's atmosphere. Not to mention how drastically different computing is. Wardialing is a relic of the long past, as is the computer culture of the era that bore wargames.

Let us just be thankful, though, that they haven't decided to remake "Hackers"

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Throw out the electric jew

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At that time I didn't get he was a jew. What pissed me off was his demented haircut.