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How about a black LGBTQREOHKJ transgender as replacement?

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They already made Thor a women in the comic so I wouldn't put it past those kikes at disney

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Didn't know this so I had to look it up. Classic SJW garbage. In a nutshell, it's important that men not hold stations of high power and it's desirable to not be admirable or do anything worthy of worship of lower beings (humand and especially human women). It's better that a women be worthy of admiration and that a man step aside making way for a lessor women - because she's a women. Doing this sets men free.

All but impossible all the artists and writers involved were not involved in a homosexual orgy while creating this garbage. Including the gizmodo writer.

Random link: https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-mystery-that-made-thor-unworthy-has-been-revealed-1793527049

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Technically they didn't make Thor a woman, Thor still exists just unworthy of the hammer. But I'm honestly not sure haven't kept up since secret invasion.

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Translation: "I want more money."

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Plenty of other actors have done it. They know they have Marvel by the balls.

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Very well said

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Clickbait title. Chris didn't even say if the script is bad. He only said

"We might have a conversation if there's another great script that comes along. But at the moment that's it."

Means the script is already great.

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The last one was shit. I think he was admitting it wasn't good at all.

[–] Diggernicks 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

I thought Thor ragnorak was fine and it did great at the box office . Idk wtf more he wants.

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It shat all over the lore and turned Thor into an effeminate, pedalistising pussy. The Marvel movie Thor is so different from the comic it's laughable. He's meant to be this hyper-masculine cartoonish figure who just wants to drink, fight, and fuck.

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Which is a much better depiction of the Norse history than the schmuck slapstick pansy bitch they've turned him into.

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I agree, it was terrible, and the director's sense of humor was absolutely shitty.

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I thought I was in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

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They only added scenes to progress the story and left 0 up to your imagination of what "might happen".

Literally the second the film mentioned I called the ending more than an hour before it happened.

Also the amount of forced jokes made me cringe.

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Yeah, You're right ragnorak was good when compared to Thor 2. Thor losing his eye and becoming the next odin is a bit of shocker but I really liked it.

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He wants more money. That's all.

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How about the old Norse tale about how how they used to be men. Destroyed their enemies, kidnapped and genetically conquered the hot women, and when bored would have "rap battles" ?

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Yet he did Thor 2....

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Pretty sure he was contractually obligated to do so. Marvel doesn't do one movie contracts over and over and over.

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I liked the Ragnorock part than Thor 2

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well they did use the money set aside for his companions in MagnaCock to buy a Led Zeppelin song instead

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He'll be back. He has no career outside of the Thor mvoies. He's full of shit.

Also, that comment makes me feel like he wasn't a fan of the last one but can't admit it yet. Ragnarok was utter shit. That smug New Zealand director was the worst. What an asshole.

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