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I always wondered. What does bix nood translate into in normal-speak?

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Great way to make sure there's not a sequel.

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I'm not stopping them.

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"lets just try to pander to the black crowd for once, it totally wont endanger our bottom line"

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Let's help them get the signatures.

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Welp, guess marvel will be back to making whitey movies.

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This is so stupid...like ??? Dafuq is going on in their heads, "these movie companies don't need to make a profit. instead of rewarding the people who made a quality movie with a massive profit, resulting in more work for them, random ass people who deserve nothing should get the money instead" like wtf???

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In the tiny minds of the 'boons the Jews of Hollywood are appropriating black culture. Therefore, they need to pay a fee, just like the white working taxpayer.

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So blacks want what whitey created.Not news.

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Awesome. I hope the niggers bleed the hollywood jews dry.

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