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The problem with this plan is all the movies coming out in recent years is sjw shit. Who wants to watch all these shit movies for 10 buck a month?

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Right. There are probably three movies a year I'd want to watch in a theater, if that.

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Great idea and $10 looks like a perfect price, don't think I will be buying. Everyone here trashes Netflix because it's full of SJW crap (and it is!), but stuff gets by. Netflix "Stranger Things" and "Hap an Leonard" are much better than anything I've seen in the theater. Bunch of of stuff I want to watch, but it's on Netflix DVD.

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Have you seen Altered Carbon?

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That show is trash.

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Check out "The Last Kingdom" and "Frontier" too.

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If there were theaters with no advertisements, no trailers, no niggers, and no teenagers, I might consider it ... naw, I wouldn't consider it even then.

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Good luck with that. Most moronic business plan ever.

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They'll probably be exculsions ... all the movies anyone really wants to see.