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There sure were a lot of raving reviews for a movie that isn't being widely released for another week. Only Los Angeles had an early release of this story which is based in a fictional African country where they wuz kangz. One bad review is just the start.

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And it really isn't a bad review anyway. Basically says it is a superhero movie that needs more superhero action. Not glowing but not horrible.

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2nd bad review out, says its stodgy, and that the 134 minutes drag on--but even she says it has some good scenes

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They're both being called racists for their reviews. It's fucking hilarious. These SJW hipster assholes have no credibility left.

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In other words, pretty much most of the superhero movies made recently. Other than "we wuz kangs" folks there was no reason for anyone to expect this to be as great as it has been made out to be. It probably is actually pretty decent like the rest of the Marvel movies but nothing you will really talk about a week after you see it

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I was hoping the movie is action packed. I really just want another fun movie like thor Ragnarok. But who knows maybe the guy was complaining about bodies not being thrown for miles.

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I am way too far behind in my movies right now. I have all of them up to the most recent on the network drive at home to watch but have not gotten around to it. To tell you how far behind I am, I did watch Guardians of the Galaxy because it looked so good and you don't really have to watch the others to watch it but I really should be on Iron Man 3. Yeah, 5 years behind right now. I know the basic storyline going on and some of the major events through talking to others (especially my youngest daughter who sees them all in the theater), but I haven't watched yet.

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Oh fuck

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The responses to Louise Keller's negative review on Twitter are outrageous too. It's her goddamn opinion. Do these morons understand what a review is?

One person even called her a racist and implied all Australians were. For not like this fucking movie. Wow.

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I'm going to enjoy watching attendance for this turkey fall off a cliff after the first week.

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"...colorful moments..." Hahahahaha. I can almost hear their heads spinning right off.

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A nigger movie with niggers about niggers is shit?

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=Zgg5_xQJWhw :

Black Panther Movie's First Bad Review Sparks Outrage - YouTube

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