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first comic-based studio movie with a black hero at its center

Blade don't real.

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no, blade is good, and doesnt run on race politics.

clearly its only the first black superhero when he fight de white man in a mediocre movie.


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I like Wesley Snipes, but his turn in Blade was not what I would call particularly good. Though comparatively it's far better than SJW Didney.

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Let's not forget this guy...

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who's that?

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Also STEEL played by Shaq.

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Also Spawn, Hancock, Meteor Man.

MiB is technically considered to be in the super hero genre.

Progressives need to seem like progression is being made or their entire ideology will be rendered moot.

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Dont forget Shaft. He hit the movies in 1971 and even went to Africa.

Black kid: look at us, living together, driving to school together.

Old white man: i know, were like batman and shaft.

Black kid: batman actually had a guy. His name was robin. He rode around with him.

Old white man: troy, batmans friend didnt have to be robin. It could of been shaft, dolemite, Leroy Brown. Dont let society limit your people.

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There's a Shaft comic book?

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Yeah but he didn’t want the bat bike stolen, so...

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Good. Let's normalize segregation.

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People ought to have a right to entertain their own prejudices. The various laws we have that get in the way of that are poorly thought out and are probably doing more harm than good.

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"This is an equal opportunity employer*"

* excludes Hollywood producers, managing a news agency, politicians, managing banks, law

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Haha, everything goes full circle.

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Good. It will be a lot quieter at the other shows.

Hey, I've got an idea? Why don't we do this for other things like public schools and jobs. Even water fountains. They seem to like it so much

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They could even have their own section at the back of the bus!

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Heck, they can have their own bus even!

Bus driver a would demand triple overtime and a flac jacket though.

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God forbid you catch a young Uncle Tom at the front, trying to get off the bus and to class quickly to get a good seat

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And jews could have their own showers and camps.

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How will anyone be able to hear the movie?

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Came here to say this.

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I lol'd. Was thinking the exact same thing tbh. That and sneaking an entire McDonalds into the theater.

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I'd love to see a recording of the audience. I'm curious about just how terrible they are.

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I smell desperation. Something tells me the profit projections for this movie are looking a little. . . dark. Haha.

Of course, when this pandering turd DOES flop, it will be blamed on "raycis" white guys who just can't handle a movie about "empowered african kangs". The irony, of course, will be lost on all of them.

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These are government subsidized profits. These people will see it in theaters several times each, all with their sweet sweet gibsmedat money.

I bet this movie will actually do well, we will read about white race-traitor faggots crying in the theaters etc. This is only the beginning of We Was Kangz 2: Hollywood Jiggaboo.

People such as this loser:


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Oh my God what a faggot

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I'm hoping that guy is like this one, fake as shit and just trolling people.

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It's crying like a bitch at a trailer, it's a bottom.

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Kangz and qwaanz. Let's not get the feministas angry, what would we do then? /S

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Its speld Kweenz. G's lern to spel.

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I doubt some rinky dink theater has any insight into the overall profit of this film.

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Can you imagine a Whites only screening.

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Every movie I go to is whites only. I love where I live.

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Can I borrow your time machine, I too want to be happy.

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Can you imagine a Whites only screening.

I doubt if the libtards and their Jew lawyers would even allow it to take place.

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Thats racist!

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Yes. I saw The Force Awakens a few years ago.

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In 50 odd years we've come full circle, all at the hands of the same dumb asses. People on the left are just pushing for perpetual change, it doesn't matter what it is as long as it's change. Change is always good apparently, makes them feel worthwhile. They never run out of victims as long as there are people willing to be victims.

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They see themselves as heroes always looking to make society better and since everything was good they've got no choice but to nitpick or straight up invent injustices to fight against. When that doesn't work at home they start looking abroad because there's always going to be a shithole part of the world to try and make us feel guilty for not helping. The ride never ends with leftists.

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That's SJW mentality for you.

When there's no injustice left to fight they'll try to paint other normal thing as injustice for them to fight. These people are living in a comicbook lalaland.

The progress (more like regress at this point) will never stop, even if all non-whites went extinct. It's like a zombie infection. Once you are infected, there is no coming back.

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Niggers: Don't be racist! Respect us for our character, not our skin color

Whites: Uh, pretty sure your skin color didn't steal my stereo or sell crack on the corner.

Niggers: Also we're banning whites from our chimp movie to show how much we care about character

Whites: cool

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Is there a particular reason you've become the forum equivalent of Carrot Top with that image?

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