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I never did movie reviews to begin with.

Last time i TRIED to go to the movies was with a gift ticket someone bought me. Got into the MASSIVE queue and looked at the board, it was literally only 50 shades of shit and The Interview for the whole day, and all were 'no free tickets' which according to Hoyts and Greater Union includes tickets someone ELSE actually paid full price for to give as a gift. I threw the ticket out and havent bothered since.

Best new movie ive seen in years was a syfy original called the bounty hunter i think it was They ran it for a month and havent seen it since.


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There are two movies I've seen in the past several years (both very recent too) that have been worth a shout out:

"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri"

At first, the main character (female) may rub you the wrong way. And that is intentional. Moral relativism is a major theme in the film. But the acting all around, including Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson, is just fantastic. The story was written by a playwright, so the events and some of the dialog does have that tinge of "this could have been written for a play". But you should see this movie. I really, really liked it.

"A Ghost Story"

It features Casey Affleck. It's a very strange film, and is very close to being silent in terms of dialog. But the way it manipulates time to tell its story is one of the most original and kind of haunting things I've ever seen in a movie. It'll leave you feeling something when you're done with it. Existential.

Other than this though, there isn't much of anything. I really enjoyed Prometheus, but that's been years ago. I also liked Deus Ex Machina. Also several years old now. I am a big horror fan, and The Conjuring was probably the only horror movie I've seen in a long time that really stood out to me. The first Insidious was okay. The Evil Dead reboot was fun, but just fucking ridiculous and had none of the campy (but good) character of the original.