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Don't forget Disney is paying these review sites, that's why every average marvel movie and piece of shit star wars movie is getting 90% ratings, while very few have even been 80% movies. (Enjoyable but not something you'll remember 5 years from now)


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My theory is, a movie critic has a great job. Most stick with it for life. Most newspapers have been doing horribly for a number of years now, cutting back, yet their critics are still employed. That's suspicious. Considering that there are some magazines, I think like Consumer Reports and others that don't take ad money, I think that is confirmation that advertisers are influencing the material that some sites are running. So basically, I think whatever studio pays the right amount of money to a media outlet or paper, gets the review they want for a movie at a particular moment in time. What is the critic going to do? Most are basically the media outlet's bitch, or the studio's. It's probable they get a cut as well, but to be honest, being a movie critic is a CUSHY job, and if you're getting $100-200K a year for doing it, plus other speaking perks, book deals, that is the best job ever.

The lesser critics can probably be bribed for much less. It's just dirty.


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Absolutely, it makes perfect sense why they do it