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Yeah saw this coming. IMDb got rid of their comments section because of real comments.


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Went on another movie board that was created to replace IMDB's boards(Not Rotten Tomatoes, that was a mistake). Think the studios got to the owner, because the mods got on my ass for my posts right away and started removing my posts and trying to ban me. It started off cool, then you could see the mods turned to the dark side. The problem with letting ordinary people comment on boards is that many of them are smarter, better writers and will tear movies apart with solid criticism. Your only recourse is to control or destroy those boards.

Reddit's boards are just as bad. Disagree with the mods and the hivemind and you're banned quickly too. If the shills they hire can't win their arguments, that's their final solution.


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Don't forget Disney is paying these review sites, that's why every average marvel movie and piece of shit star wars movie is getting 90% ratings, while very few have even been 80% movies. (Enjoyable but not something you'll remember 5 years from now)