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Well now rotten tomatoes....

If you are blocking negative ratings on a movie ratings website then it is no longer a movie ratings website and your dumb asses just unjustified themselves from existance.

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They just lost all credibility and now are known SJW jews with an agenda.

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They lost track of what made them popular to begin with.

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Exactly this. They undermined the purpose of their own service, removing all legitimacy as anything besides a private circle jerk. Congratulations Rotten Tomatoes.

But in all honesty - and this goes for nearly all of my friends who like movies - I stopped using Rotten Tomatoes as a source of good movie reviews a long time ago.

They've been fucked for a few years now. At first, they tended to go with what I perceived to be the general public consensus and what my friends and I would sort of trend toward. Anymore, its just business. They pimp whatever the big studios want pimped. 'Get Out' is rated as the best horror movie of all time by Rotten Tomatoes. Um, fuck yourselves. Hard. In the ass.

Truthfully, I don't use movie reviews at all anymore. Most of the time I just watch it myself now, or if I get a rec from a friend I know has similar tastes, I'll take that.

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I found it dubious that Get Out got a 100% RT rating. It was not even a good movie. Wonder Woman was trash too. These reviews are being bought, plain and simple.

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star wars the last jew was my final straw, what's the point of a review site if they'll actively undermine me just to force their social agenda

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I liked get out and i dont really like horror movies.. To me it was more of a black mirror twilight zone type movie.. The idea that rich white people would want to be black kinda fucked the entire thing up, but it obviously had an agenda.

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I never did movie reviews to begin with.

Last time i TRIED to go to the movies was with a gift ticket someone bought me. Got into the MASSIVE queue and looked at the board, it was literally only 50 shades of shit and The Interview for the whole day, and all were 'no free tickets' which according to Hoyts and Greater Union includes tickets someone ELSE actually paid full price for to give as a gift. I threw the ticket out and havent bothered since.

Best new movie ive seen in years was a syfy original called the bounty hunter i think it was They ran it for a month and havent seen it since.

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Yeah it’s basically just a sjw circle jerk by then

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Actually this is because of a face book group that was intentionally recruiting people to give negative reviews to black panther just because the DCU movies weren't doing that great

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Yet, the media ran with it and started calling the users racist, which is libel.

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Its just a plant Disney created in case the film does badly.

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But that is an entirely different motivation than racism.

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This is exactly what happened with the last liberal abortion known as Ghostbusters.

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We wuz kangz du movy

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Here's the funny thing.

There are people who like Thor. There are people who like the Hulk. There are people who like Ironman. There are people who like Captain America. There are people who like Spiderman.

Heck, even if you are not into comics or cartoons, you've heard of these characters.

Seeing them together as an Avengers Universe? Sure, that's cool. Whatever.

But no one, absolutely no one cares about the Black Panther. No one's heard about him or knew he existed until he appeared in Civil War.

But Diversity in Hollywood is forcing this movie into existence. And who is going to see it?

White people aren't because they don't care about black superheros. Well, except white liberals seeing it out of guilt.

Black people aren't, because most black people don't give a fuck about comics. Well, except Oreos.

So this movie is going to have a lesser turnout than the others, and you know what Hollywood is going to say? We're all racists for not watching a movie no one outside of a liberal boardroom wanted to see.

All the positive RT reviews will come from liberals and/or (((hollywood schills))).

Whatever. Release the damn movie. Watch it gross less than any other MCU film. Call everyone racists. Then let us move on with the rest of the MCU films.

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I have to disagree with this entirely.

I knew who BP was a child. Didn't know or care about Thor till MvC3

Your argument also doesn't work because Guardians of the Galaxy got a movie and literally no one knows what the fuck those guys were.

(((Hollywood))) loves forcing diversity down everyones throat but this is more like they're running out of superheroes to make movies about.

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Back before I was redpilled I thought black panther was an awesome badass who ran his own country with high morality, sort of like doctor doom.

Reading comics from the 60s and 70s I never picked up on it being racial but their SJW stances then probably matched indoctrination from school.

Also, where are the white people in wakanda? Asgard is infested with niggers but wakanda has no whites besides a villain?

It's Clearly not made to appeal to the widest audience, just SJW trash

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Black panther was a racist comic book. Black hate white. So, good on you for knowing about this at a young age.

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It is about it being a good movie on its own merits. I really do not have a problem with a black super hero, as long as they aren't taking a white super hero and turning him into a a black.

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asians aren't going to see it either. this is dead on arrival in the majority of the world

luckily there's so much white guilt in this country, it'll make a killing domestically

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i'm curious to see what numbers it gets. or maybe those are made up, too

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A lot of black people love comic books and Marvel movies. So that's false. However, Black Panther is a wack ass character. Cringe-worthy, almost. There have to be black comic book characters that are more worthy of a film than this idiot. You could even get away with a black Captain America, the way the character is set up.

The trailers look pretty bad though. Chadwick Boseman can't do African and they're trying to make the blacks in the movie act like brothas from Detroit, which is bullshit.

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Black captain america would make sense.. The army would have tested crazy shit on chimps first, which could be a super hero or super villian first chimp given the captain america treat gets huge breaks out and start fucking shit up.. Thry bring in a black guy next to test the stuff on humans and go send him after the chimo and an all out chimp out ensues.

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Like Hancock?

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Black people will see it because it's being pumped as Kangz movie. But that's a small audience anyway, so your point stands.

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do they count people whose friends let them in the back door? and do they count nogs that snuck into theatres?

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Yeah saw this coming. IMDb got rid of their comments section because of real comments.

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Went on another movie board that was created to replace IMDB's boards(Not Rotten Tomatoes, that was a mistake). Think the studios got to the owner, because the mods got on my ass for my posts right away and started removing my posts and trying to ban me. It started off cool, then you could see the mods turned to the dark side. The problem with letting ordinary people comment on boards is that many of them are smarter, better writers and will tear movies apart with solid criticism. Your only recourse is to control or destroy those boards.

Reddit's boards are just as bad. Disagree with the mods and the hivemind and you're banned quickly too. If the shills they hire can't win their arguments, that's their final solution.

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Don't forget Disney is paying these review sites, that's why every average marvel movie and piece of shit star wars movie is getting 90% ratings, while very few have even been 80% movies. (Enjoyable but not something you'll remember 5 years from now)

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Comcast owns Rotten Tomatoes.

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But isn't it racist to like a movie that promotes and profits off of black on black violence?

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No, you play black on black violence and then couch it in a narrative of them only acting like rabid chimps because of the racisms and the oppressions by the demonic evil whites. Then every gun held sideways is magically the fault of white people.

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oy vey, goyim, the jews will not allow anyone to down vote their nigger propagenda movie. Only the positive reviews will be kept.

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