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Obviously what they tried to do is appeal to every demographic. Every demographic except white males and existing Star Wars fans, because they were planning on taking those people's money just based on them being fanboys and brand power.


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Try to be appealing to everyone and you appeal no one.

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Do you remember back then in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s when America was having a bigger share of entertainment industry. Everything from games, movies, are focusing on gameplay, story, etc instead of virtue signaling and forced diversity bullshit.

Then today you see American products are reduced in "entertainment value" because they are too focused in political correctness and virtue signaling, and have their global market shares reduced as a result. The competitors, despite technologically/human resource behind, are not adhering to the "western progressive" bullshit and as a result managed to start selling stuffs more and more. Look at Steam. More are more european/asian countries are able to sell video games, because American games quality has been declining.

My personal favorite is the "progressive" style of "purposely making females ugly" these days for the sake of political correctness. Like for fuck sake. We all know sex sells so doing this kind of shit don't really make sense. Even leftist PC shitty company like Naughty Dog don't do that kind of shit. I guess they are not "progressive" enough.


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Slightly related to is the shift of Hollywood selling primarily to the domestic to targeting the global market. This is one of the reasons there are fewer comedies (and even less good ones) than in the 90s and 80s. Good comedies tend to use things that make sense in context to the culture it was targeting and may make none or little since to say an audience in China. Second is comedies tend not to translate well at times lessing the effect.

Same effect goes to complex storylines for other genres. As a result Hollywood produces more generic action movies because they sell better internationally and more of the comedic scenes in any movies end up being slapstick.


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Good films have broad appeal. They should try that.