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I was wondering about this like yesterday. Someone said they had a blueray copy and I was like is that out already why haven't I heard more about that?

Do you think was a good idea to watch the original immediately before the second one? Did it add to the experience?

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Absolutely. It builds off of the themes and plot of the original. There was only one inconsistent thing that I noticed, but it was minor. You'll have an easier time following the plot if you've seen the first one beforehand.

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I've seen Bladerunner before several times but I was worried the second one wouldn't be able to hold up to the first one when you directly watch it before. I'll have to get a copy of the first one and watch it first now :) especially if it adds to the experience.

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Apart from the plot and everything like that, the movie is freaking gorgeous. I don't mean in the Star Wars way where things look super cool and flashy, though there's a a little bit of that. What I mean is that every shot is composed so competently and beautifully that it makes you wonder what the hell all those other clowns making other movies are even doing with their lives.

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I enjoyed it.I watched it 3 times just to make sure I understood what I'm looking at and I think this BR is one of the best american made film I have seen this year.I was hoping it will be good and it was. Only thing I was surprised about was action happening in daylight -entire first BR is happening at night. Also I underestimated R.Gosling.He's better actor than I took him for.

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The cinematography was excellent. The sound editing was also good (although maybe a tad overdone on the rumbles). In many ways it did well to capture the look and feel of the original. However the plot and story itself was horrible. It made no sense.

They tried to position Deckard's child as some sort of key proof that replicants are the same as humans except it doesn't. His child was the product of a human and replicant relationship which does not prove two replicants could also produce a child. Furthermore there's no proof the resulting child is fertile either. The movie even goes further and specifically notes no other replicants can have children so are they the same or not?

The movie then tries really really hard to make a villain out of Niander Wallace. He's the big evil corporate overlord. The Replicant Resistance Army will do anything to keep Deckard's child out of his hands except, you know what, his only stated goal in the entire movie is he wants to create replicants that can reproduce. WTF!?!? The RRA's sole reason to exist is to protect the only known (half-breed) replicant child so they can use its existence to prove replicant equality at some indeterminate future time and their sworn enemy is probably the only man capable and wanting to give all replicants the same ability to reproduce? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It's a plot hole so fucking big you could drive the Death Star through it.

So yes, it gets points for style and visual flare but from a story point of view it's an awful movie.

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Plot could have been tighter.
They created a red herring to lead K and the audience down a path making us believe he was Deckard's son and a golden child.
The red herring was this horse memory.
Then they never bothered coming up with an explanation as to why he was given this horse memory. The replicant resistance army said "sure we all believed we were the golden child at some point".
But why? Were they all given this horse memory?
Did it break their programming? How? They couldn't have all discovered the furnace where it was placed. The script could have written so that a particular real memory from Ana did break their programming as it lead them all to believe they were the golden child some how and it would have been a smarter movie.
Otherwise it looked great and was enjoyable on my first viewing but on further viewings I liked it less. It could have been an amazing movie and as good as the original.

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Blade Runner 2049 has the same problem Blade Runner has - a cheap plot. There are basically no explanations, the main character is wondering from place to place like in a heroine inducted dream fantasy. It's boring really.

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Probably a lot of them fell asleep way before the end, I almost did. Have no problem watching Blade Runner again don't believe I care to watch 2049 again.