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Fuck me! What's next? Chuck Norris?


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No there have been rumors about Segal for years, his sleaze, his douchbag attitude, his wannbe be a gangster stories, his bullshit CIA Army tales, the rumors of rape, beatings, stunt men, film makers, ex girlfriends had all kinds of stories but it was mostly some alt news rumor or one some blog or a parody magazine like weekly world news...Hollywood or Hollyweird was able to keep everything hush, hush back then.

Not That You’re Surprised, but Steven Seagal Owes More than $300,000 in Unpaid Taxes http://www.cagepotato.com/not-that-youre-surprised-but-steven-seagal-owes-more-than-300000-in-unpaid-taxes/

In an interview with Spy, Goldman says he had long known that Seagal tends to tell grandiose tales about himself. Late in 1988, a former soldier of fortune and treasure hunter named Randy Widner invited Seagal, Goldman and another man to hunt for treasure off the coast of Barbados. At that time, Seagal had been telling Goldman that he’d been a U.S. Navy SEAL. Evidently this was one frogman who did not take well to water. As Goldman recalls, “Randy was driving [a Zodiac raft] in circles while Steven and I carried the gear out to him. The surf was unbelievable, really tough… He started screaming and panicking and was sure he was going to die and all that crap.” Goldman says Seagal had to be helped onto the vessel. “Wildner had to pull Seagal by his hair; I pushed his ass onto the boat with my shoulder.” Later that evening, Goldman says, he realized that Seagal could not read a compass or a map. (Seagal describes himself as “autistic with numbers.”) With that, Goldman says, he totally dismissed the notion that Seagal had ever been involved in any covert operations. In his letter to the Times reporter, Goldman wrote that Seagal “would surely die of starvation if he was given a compass and a map that led to a restaurant five miles away.” https://theflyingguillotine.wordpress.com/tag/steven-seagal-ridiculousness/

At one time he was an Italian, then he was Irish, next he was a Jewish person, finally he became the next Buddha or next Dali-daddy-Lama or some shit...Whatever Segal is, he is a fraud. Seagal was actually declared a tulku (an honorary title given to a recognized lama reincarnate) by a senior Tibetan lama. The American Buddhist community reacted with skepticism, given that one of the centerpieces of Buddhism is altruism toward all living things. Conversely, the main centerpiece of all Seagal’s movies is the serious ass whipping of anyone who disrespects him, and the violent killing of those foolish enough to directly oppose him. He is known for living in exotic foreign countries, speaking multiple languages (including Ebonics), and hanging out with hip black gangster types, who consider him “the man.” http://danrenonovels.com/2014/02/05/steven-seagal-the-man-the-myth-the-legend-4/ How does a guy like Michael Caine end up in a Steven Seagal movie? By his own admission, Caine is just like anyone else; he needs money. So when the checking account gets low, he’s not above slumming for a payday. And when he goes slumming, any neighborhood is fair game. Caine has had numerous roles in films that were commercial and critical flops. He summed up his thoughts best when commenting on his role in Jaws: The Revenge:

“I have never seen the film, but by all accounts it was terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.”

When Seagal, wearing his fourth or fifth tasseled jacket of the movie, confronts Caine, he launches into a preachy lecture:

“You know, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. What does one say to a man with no conscience? I’d like to tell you about the millions of people that you made suffer, but I’d be a total idiot to think that you’d care. You’re a piece of shit, Michael. Scum of the earth.”

Caine tries to walk away, but Segal lassos him around the ankle with a cable that happened to be handy, and dangles him 50 feet over an oil pit.

“Go ahead, shoot me!” Caine screams. “Go on, shoot me, you fucking coward! You haven’t got the fucking guts!”

“I wouldn’t dirty my bullets,” Seagal replies.

“You macho asshole, go ahead, shoot!”

I watched this scene 4 or 5 times, mesmerized by Caine’s pleas. I firmly believe that, at this point, Caine was no longer acting -he just wanted his character to die quickly so he could pack up his stuff, collect his paycheck, and go drink gin & tonics until he forgot he ever appeared in this unfortunate farce.

But, Seagal doesn’t shoot him; instead, he shoots the cable and Caine goes plummeting into the oil. But this wouldn’t necessarily kill him; Caine could have swam through it and climbed onto a steel girder only a few feet away. Sure, his suit would be ruined, but he’d still be plenty alive.

There’s only once answer to this mystery: Seagal didn’t kill him so he could keep alive the potential for a sequel! Now, how’s that for revenge?


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...continued ....

With his insipid films mostly taking place in Eastern European shitholes on typically low budgets, Seagal is renowned for putting in less effort than a narcoleptic snail. With an unprecedented level of lethargy, Seagal usually makes up about 2% of his fight scenes, being doubled for everything but the close-ups. Frequently, he is doubled for even the most physically trivial of endeavours, such as walking through a door or the complex act of standing. The directors and fight choreographers share Seagal’s apathy considering little is done to hide the fact that the double’s are usually half Seagal’s weight and are sometimes even wearing different colored clothes. https://theflyingguillotine.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/ridicuousness-seagal-part-2/ It’s come to the point where oftentimes Seagal even has to have a VOICE double because his hushed, mumbled and often improvised (didn’t read the script) dialogue is regularly indecipherable. Here’s a scene from ‘Attack Force’ with the worst dubbing since 70’s kung fu flicks: As Seagal’s popularity grew, his behavior grew more eccentric. He alternately claimed to be ex-CIA and a Navy Seal. At one point, he allegedly offered an ex-CIA operative named Robert Strickland $50,000 in cash to eliminate a former colleague. Strickland later sued Seagal for stealing his stories and trying to pass them off as his own. https://lebeauleblog.com/2013/05/15/what-the-hell-happened-to-steven-seagal/4/

Strickland has known Seagal for more than a decade, since they were both in Japan, where Seagal worked in his mother-in-law's dojo (Martial arts school) and Strickland worked for the spooks. Seagal has been telling the press that he too worked for the agency - a claim neither the press nor Strickland has been able to substantiate but that certainly adds to the aura of terminal menace the Mike Ovitz protege likes to project. Perhaps, goes a common Hollywood jest of the time, Seagal has the CIA and CAA [talent agency Ovitz founded] confused.

Strickland is enjoying the ultimate accolade that Hollywood bestows on civilians - he's sitting in the star's trailer. The star is mouthing off about one Gary Goldman, an ex-mercenary with whom he was collaborating on a screenplay the previous year. The two have had a falling-out over money and screenplay credits, and Goldman, in revenge, has written a letter to the Los Angeles Times exposing Seagal's supposed intelligence background as a tissue of exploitative lies. This has made the tough guy very unhappy.

Seagal gets around to the point of the meeting, pulling out of a drawer a confidential profile of Goldman assembled by private investigators. Strickland, long aware that Seagal can be hotheaded, finds this something of an overreaction to a squabble over a screenplay. But the dossier is peanuts compared to what happens next. "I'd like you to do me a favor," says Mr. Ovitz's fair-headed boy, reaching under the table and pulling out an attache case. "I'd like you to kill Gary Goldman."

He opens the case. It contains $50,000 in cash.

All the stunned Strickland can say is, "You're crazy."

The actor merely looks frustrated. "If you won't do it," Strickland recalls him saying, "get someone who will. Pay him what you want and keep the rest."

Late 1990. The set of Out for Justice. Same principals - Seagal and Strickland. Raeanne Malone, one of four women hired by Warner Bros. to serve as Seagal's personal assistants, is in the bathroom of his trailer, brushing her teeth. Strickland watches as Seagal begins loudly calling for Malone, saying he needs her immediately. She emerges still brushing her teeth. "Gee, Raeanne," says the man of honor and protector of the weak, "You look like that when I come in your mouth."

In May 1991 all four assistants - Malone, Nicole Selinger, Christine Keever and another woman - quit because of Seagal's continuing piggery. Three of them threaten to bring sexual-harassment charges against him. Malone and another of the women, in return for a pledge of confidentiality, are paid in the vicinity of $50,000 each.

Summer 1991: A top-level security consultant, a 28-year veteran of a government intelligence agency, flies from Washington to New York at Seagal's behest. He is picked up by Seagal's limousine, driven to his home on State Island and ushered out to the pool, where, shortly thereafter, he is joined by Seagal and his business partner, Julius Nasso.

The purpose of this meeting? Seagal wants the consultant to set up Alan Richman, a writer from Gentlemen's Quarterly. Seagal doesn't like the way he came across in a story Richman wrote about him; in fact, he ha already gone on Arsenio and called Richman "a five-foot-two fat little male impersonator." (Richman is, in fact, a lean, five-foot-nine former Army captain.)

Seagal tells the consultant that Richman is gay - "a fag," in the actor's words. (Richman is actually heterosexual.) He wants Richman Richman to set up with a homosexual "to get pictures of Richman going down on the man." The pictures are to be used to destroy Richman's career.

The security consultant, incredulous, refuses. But Seagal is undaunted. Later on in the meeting he asks his guest what it would take to "whack" a certain man from Chicago. Our man asks Seagal if he means whack as in "whack dead." Replies, Seagal, referring to the man's intelligence background, "Of course, you people do that all the time."

"You're crazy," says the consultant, and once again Seagal's bid to contract a murder is refused. (The consultant later told Spy, "I don't really know whether if you agreed to hit some guy, if he'd draw up a contract for you, or if this is just his way of saying that 'anyone who crosses me might get hit.'") https://lebeauleblog.com/2013/05/15/what-the-hell-happened-to-steven-seagal/4/ Strickland told a story about Raeanne Malone, one of four women hired by Warner Bros. to serve as Seagal’s personal assistants. Malone was in the bathroom of Seagal’s trailer brushing her teeth. Strickland watched as Seagal began loudly calling for Malone, saying he needed her immediately. She emerged still brushing her teeth. “Gee, Raeanne,” said the man of honor and protector of the weak, “You look like that when I come in your mouth.”

In May 1991 all four assistants – Malone, Nicole Selinger, Christine Keever and another woman – quit because of Seagal’s continuing piggery. Three of them threatened to bring sexual-harassment charges against him. Malone and another of the women, in return for a pledge of confidentiality, were paid in the vicinity of $50,000 each according to Strickland.

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Pure coincidence.


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https://archive.fo/5RuhI :

Steven Seagal 'raped woman at Beverly Hills home in 1994' | Daily Mail Online

"Steven Seagal has been accused of raping a woman on the set of his 1994 film 'On Deadly Ground'.", "Guerrero told the news outlet that Seagal told her she could have a bigger role if she returned for a 'private rehearsal,' which she refused."

'Regina Simons, who was working as an extra on the movie, claims Seagal, who was directing, invited her to a wrap party at his Beverly Hills home. '

'Both Simons and Dutch former model Faviola Dadis have filed reports about Seagal to the LAPD in the last month. '

'Chong says it did not end there, claiming Seagal continued to leave what she described as sex messages on her machine. '

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