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😂 That was awesome! “You’re a piece of shit!” Thank you for sharing this!

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what will they say at this years Oscars?

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What are Oscars ?

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That beta look on his face when he is bitch slapped. What a fat cuck.

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? Harvey Weinstein was slapped in his face and cursed at as he was leaving a Scottsdale, AZ restaurant and TMZ caught the whole thing on video. @darkknight111 @wtf_is_happening @21yearsofdigging

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spotted at Tuesday night at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale wearing a beanie and t-shirt perhaps in an attempt to be incognito. He got a double slap to the face as he was shouted down in the restaurant. @srayzie @The_Savant @siegnagel ?

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The man who gave him a backhand slap is a bigger piece of shit than Weinstein.