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what a good uploader that got shafted :

This video was just monetized against my will, with all profits going to WMG (i previously had it demonetized because i wanted to at least build up my subs first before forcing people to watch boring commercials they're only going to skip anyway.) This is all because of the song at around 23:30. It's one of my favorite songs of all time so i put it in for expressions sake, thinking i could just remove it with youtubes editor anyway, undoing any copyright claim i might get. What i didn't know was once i get pass 100,00 views youtube takes this option away and you are forced to monetize the video for the claimants (WMG's) profits, whether you like it or not. So I apologize if anyone is annoyed by the banners, commercials etc...I had them turned off. I will be more careful in the future so this doesn't happen again.

Fucking YT

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Watching this makes me feel sad. This film could have been so much better with only a few minor changes at key points. And Mark captures most of them exactly.

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This film could have been so much better

Making the movie "so much better" wasnt their GOAL.

Their goal is to take a key piece of 20th century western culture and to publicly humiliate it and then execute it.

They want to implant the idea that "we have to kill off our culture to improve it" into the minds of young viewers, like implanting the idea of "I have to break up my fathers company to save it" was the goal in Inception.

It is quite literally like hacking somebodys brain, like talking somebody into suicide, and that is what they are doing with these movies. They dont care about the fucking story. The story is just a medium to access the viewers unconscious minds, a form of hypnosis. As a 12-old white male you go into the movie to watch heros fighting and starships exploding, and you get out with the unconscious idea that all power has to be taken from white males and given into the hands of women and non-whites. Repeat that message over and over and over during the formative years of a white kid and you produce a "I'm with her" tshirt wearing hillary voting bugman.

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Exactly this! How do we teach our children and future generations to avoid or become immune to this programming?

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Exactly. This is Disney now.

The progressive/subversive/Cultural Marxist playbook: 1. Identify an important cultural element or institution 2. Infiltrate it 3. Kill it 4. Gut it 5. Parade around in its skin 6. Demand people honor, support, praise, or accept it as THE REAL THING 7. Repeat

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Sounds like the Thraddash in UrQuan Masters. A race that 'improves' itselft by global warfare. It reached starfaring status three times before nuking itself back to the iron age. Each new society,is simply the next in numerical order. Culture 9 for example,was exterminated by Culture Ten,and so forth until Culture Twenty.

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The series got Jewed in other words.

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In Hamill's words (about the way the industry works, not his personal view of the way it should be):

It's not about whether it is good, but whether it makes money.

I wonder if Hamill and Murray ever get together for a drink and to curse their contractual obligations.

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Hell,Transformers proved that was true. And Murray would only be pissed he had to promote that garbage movie.

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A few minor changes? How about not making the film specifically without identity politics? The whole series needs to be trashed. A redo.

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Good video. No way I would have taken the time to seek all that out individually.

I didn't have a problem with 'The Force Awakens'. It was a little stale since it followed much of the same formula was 'A New Hope'. The idea of the lightsaber flying into Luke's hand as Mark described would have been awesome, but it was a decent film. Now 'The Last Jedi' was just an awful film no matter how you look at it. Take away the fact they really messed up the canon, it was just a BAD MOVIE. The tone, pacing, and plot elements were a mess.

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The Force Awakens was weird. I actually liked it when I saw it in the theater. Then when it came on TV I tried to watch it again and really didn’t like it nearly as much. All of the little things I let go the first time really started to irk me.

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Someone save this. Disney keeps taking these downs.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=ZzO3DCW4LXw :

All 50+ times Mark Hamill tried to subtly warn us about last jedi/force awakens and bashed Disney - YouTube

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Can't say he didn't warn us

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Sites kinda gay like plebbit if your post offends too many children it gets hidden? Contain your ass blasted status kids lol.

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