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Well, you just gave me a silly game idea. Thank you.

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I recently re-watched Married With Children. Being gay, fat, or a tranny is a joke in itself and the sluttiest sluts they ever show have about 4 times more skin covered than your average Disney channel starlet nowadays.

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I still watch Married With Children. Good shit then, good shit now.

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Ha! I just did the same thing. What a great show! They should re-run it so we can watch all the snowflakes melt...

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You are wrong. We vastly outnumber them. The Jews are trucking your mind. The social engineering from WW2 has made most people inherently indifferent to Jews. We are not alone. Never feel alone. Never be defeated or depressed. Fight amd educate others until the end, brother.

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You are not alone. But you are a minority fighting a bunch of brainwashed zombies.

It's like the zombie apocalypse. There's plenty of other survivors but life is shit.

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You should watch Ace Ventura: Pet Detective then. It features a great tranny and a great reaction.

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The outrage over that scene now is hilarious.

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I don't have to watch it...I've seen the whole movie enough that I've got it practically memorized. I use some quotes as passwords it so ingrained into my brain.

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Yup, everything is upside down now. Chicks with dicks don't exist only guys with tits.

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This "everything is upside down now."

Precisely why we need to adapt our "ethics"

As in praise the lord and pass the ammo

We can no longer afford a dogmatic approach when it comes to human rights, like, "we're all sons of migrants let them in", everybody is equal blah blah blah

It's like being the only honest guy in a casino full of crooks and liars, it's inapropriate, times have changed, immigration both in intensity and nature have changed

We have to be both capable of moral and immoral actions, good family men and merciless warriors, not one or the other with both being automatically mutually exclusive because this isn't working and this isn't going to work

"He who neglects what is done for what ought to be done, sooner effects his ruin than his preservation."

Principle are great, you don't want to kill people for instance, you would rather want to avoid it as much as possible, but self defense is a thing, it's the exception, it' not that you like it, but if you don't respond with lethal force when need be, you're the one who'll go under, and what good is that ?

Just because jesus christ got crucified doesn't mean you should get crucified, take everything in the ass and say nothing


There's a time for everything

And the ideological/psychological problem we have in the west, particularly in western europe, is that we "neglect what is done for what ought to be done", in the name of great principles, we're forgetting the basics, peace through strenght, si vis pacem para bellum, charity begins at home, all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing, etc...

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I dont need to believe in space ghost to be ethical.

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Yes it's awful.

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I am beginning to wonder if the percentage of trans"whatevers" correlates in any way with the percentage of men born with micro penises?

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Probably think fuck it il never get a girl to not laugh>turn non-penis into non vajayjay

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"Only people that agree with me are allowed to live"

That's the principles this country was founded on.

We need more government to run the squads too.

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This guy is why seperation of church and state is the most important thing our founding fathers implemented.

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BTW - you have a very useful nickname.

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How'd that work out for the Roman civilization?

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That takes too long, it's not like heroin where if they get a bad batch they OD. They do all their whoring and then artificially extend their lifespans once they contract HIV or butt cancer, all the while proselytizing about their oppression and superior lifestyle.

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