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(((Wonder woman)))

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I really thought was a shit movie. She was essentially invincible which made all the action sequences pretty boring because there was no consequences.

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I thought it was fine. Oh, it wasn't as good as it could have been, but it was loads better than i expected it to be. The casting choices for the main cast were good; well... except for the villains. Wonder Woman is supposed to be an analogue to Superman. All of his power, with little of his restraint. Her inherent militancy & alienation from mankind are supposed to be her biggest character flaws.

It was a flawed movie, but not because WW couldn't be hurt. If anything, the flashy last act sequences, where she fought a poorly cast Ares & had the potential to be hurt, really detracted from the film. Any conflict the character experiences should come primarily from the application of it's power.

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First 30 minutes is the amazon women talking about her not being ready to train. I wanted to scream in the theater I was so bored. The trailer was boss though. Too bad.

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This is all part of a well executed plan to stop piracy. Make movies noone wants to pirate.

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Pretty much... I've definitely downloaded far fewer new movies these past couple years.

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You know it’s bad when you scroll through the torrents and can’t even find anything worth watching for free.

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If you pay attention all of these articles are framed to reee about streaming video like it's stealing from the studios- and they don't make a distinction between legal and illegal. They're buttering up the public to support them demanding more money from streaming providers again

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As far as I'm concerned, they can go ahead and charge all they want. It won't change my entertainment habits one bit!

HEY Weinstein and all the rest of your cousins, go ahead, make streaming your shit illegal all you want. Jack up movie tickets to $500/seat. That will teach us! LOL

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It worked. I don't download movies anymore.

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I didn't even know that a new Mummy movie had been released last year. shrug

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The Mummy was supposed to setup a shared cinematic universe for Fox Universal with all of their owned classic movie monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature From the Black Lagoon, etc.) Russell Crowe, as Dr. Jeckyl, was in the movie as their Nick Fury, who was going to bring them all together. The movie flopped so badly that the project has been scrapped, although with Disney buying all of Fox's IP, they may try again.

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It's Universal, Universal. Fast and Furious Universal. Woody Woodpecker Universal. Not Fox.

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Funny thing is though they keep wanting to replicate Iron Man to setup the shared universe, but that movie was largely stand alone with only a teaser at the end hinting at something bigger.

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Me neither until I saw it on a bootleg site. It was pretty good.

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I downloaded the bootleg didn't even watch it. I think its on regular cable now.

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If it makes you feel any better, neither did I.

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Even if I did I still would not have watched it.

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I only knew because of cinemasins. While often tongue in cheek he really ripped into that one.

They made part of a story to set up a sequal/series. Forgetting if the first one sucks nobody would want a sequel.

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Yep, they wanted it to launch the Dark Universe.

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I like how he author blames streaming for the decline in viewers and not all the sjw shit in every new movie.

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Jews receiving less money from their sleazy industries is always good news.

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Oh really? Well who created the Jesuit Order and has ran it ever since? In case you didn't know, Ignatius av Loyola was a jew. All of the first Jesuits were crypto-jews. So to say that it's not the jews, it's the jesuits is retarded.

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No movies for me in 2017. My family saved hundreds we spent on books, now we have family reading several nights a week.

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Check out Eragon. It manages to sneak in a little knowledge about scheming bankers and false deposit slips. Also the book is nothing like the terrible movie.

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As bad as that movie was it fixed flaws in the books.

Damn, I literally just realized that I don't even remember if I finished the third book or not.

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"2017 was awful BECAUSE REASONS! Oh wait all the top movies starred womyn so nevermind!"

"Journalism" in 2018.

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Slate wrote an article bitching about Hallmark's Christmas movies. Because they're about families, white people, and middle America. And guess who dominated the TV market during the Holidays...


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At a rally in November 2015, Donald Trump heralded, " If I become president, we're all going to be saying" Merry Christmas "again, that I can tell you ." Of all his empty guarantees, the president has perhaps fulfilled none Better than a counterstrike in the War on Christmas, and no battalion has fired more root-toot artillery for him than the Hallmark Channel. In 2017, the network is premier 21 original Christmas movies (up from 20 last year) -42 hours of sugary, sexist, preposterously plotted, plot hole-festooned, belligerently traditional, ecstatically Caucasian cheer. To observe the first holiday season under the Trump administration, I'm bearing witness to all of them.

So glad to see them admit that they hate White people, tradition, and strong families. And "empty gurantees"? Kek, wut?

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That article makes me want to subscribe to their streaming service.

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It's almost like I don't relate to strong female leads because I can't suspend disbelief watching them, so I'd rather spend my money elsewhere

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Females should tend the house and take care of the kids while her husband saves the day.

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Atomic Blonde was complete bullshit. That movies came out between John Wick 2 and Kingsmen 2. Hollywood couldn't have asked for a better chance with that.

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I actually liked John wick 2

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