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Bake the cake.

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Does this person have something to do with the old Christian cake bakery thing? Was she nonstop calling for them to do it or something? I have no idea who she is.

In other news, you could not have a more jewess-y name than that, christ on a bike.

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The whole cake thing is simply a reference to the one sided destruction of the right to free association. Also, it isn't old. A judge handed down a $135k civil judgment against the Oregon bakers last week.


The Colorado baker has a SC case going that probably won't be ruled on until June.

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That's gay, should be able to do whatever kind of show she wants. But perfect response for calling men only stuff sexist discrimination.

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Ideally I agree with you that the owner of a venue should be able to exclude any person for no reason. However that is not the law and the current law has been selectively if not arbitrarily enforced.

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I support her being allowed to sell tickets to her show to whomever she pleases. She probably isn't bright enough to understand that the liberal bs laws that enabled this lawsuit she supports. Libtards /shrugs

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poetic justice for sure

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Every. Single. Time. @KosherHiveKicker

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if only we had laws and principles that allowed for freedom of association.

but babyboomers traded that in for feelgoods and headpats.

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I don't think she has much comedic talent anyhow I would gladly ban myself from attending.

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She is only doing it for the virtual signal, karma bitch, because she just has to do something faggy like this she probably ruined her career.

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