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Hollywood knows perfectly who are the degenerates. They just don't give a fuck.

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That must be the reason Stephen Baldwin looks so dead behind the eyes throughout the entire movie.

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https://archive.fo/gl01k :

Gabriel Byrne Recalls Kevin Spacey’s “Inappropriate” Behavior | Deadline

'Actor Gabriel Byrne has recently come forward about Kevin Spacey and his “inappropriate sexual behavior” which caused production to shut down on the film The Usual Suspects. '

'Byrne said that Spacey’s behavior had a similar “element of absolute abuse of power” that he saw in Weinstein. '

'Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said the show will restart production next year, with Robin Wright in the lead. '

'In the interview with The Sunday Times, Byrne also recalls working with Harvey Weinstein, who is arguably the figure who opened the floodgates of sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood. '

'The downward spiral of Spacey started when Anthony Rapp accused him of sexual assault when he was 14-years-old. '

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Damn. That was a great movie too.

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Little short on details here.

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yeah because benny the bulls farting had nothing to do with it what so ever....

OH MY FUCKING GOD you cunts, the whole laughing during the line up scene was because Benicio (Benny) Del Toro (the Bull) wouldnt stop dropping his fucking guts and they had to re-do the scene repeatedly because they couldnt stop laughing.

Understand now?

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That's hilarious