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It's sad that only Hamill gives a fuck about Star Wars being fucked by demented jews.

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I care.

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Don't worry. I got the reference.

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I mean those who decide the fate of Star Wars.

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Nice one! Ha ha ha

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pure gold

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he was so type cast this was his only chance to be a star again. he waited so long and it all came sour.

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Just like Star Trek. Shatner in his graciousness has kept silent to the best of my knowledge. Yah I knew he is jew too but I love him.

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Shatner is a kike piece of shit. He banned me from his twitter page.

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he's also in it for the money?

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Member when everyone thought Disney was gonna save Star Wars from getting George Lucas'd?

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disney: hold my beer

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(((star wars))) stumbles back

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A bunch of pedos taking charge of the most beloved sci-fi franchise in American history was never going to end well.

It's exactly as bad as I thought it would be. Except I didn't anticipate them going full fan-fic with Rogue One. Imagine how bad the Han Solo origin movie is going to be.

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Does Han wind up in a queer relationship getting sodomized by Lando Calniggerian? That's how bad I imagine it.

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What was wrong with Rogue One?

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Can't milk star wars for toy sales without fucking it up

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They're gonna make Luke the evil white man.... aren't they...

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It’ll be even worse than that. He’s the loser old white man who failed, fucked up, and abdicated his duties. Duties that now have to be picked up by a strong empowered Mary Sue and her faggot POC sidekicks

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^ This should be the plot summary on the back of the DVD case.

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he beat vader and the emperor by believing in his father. he blew up a death star. dude could retire having done just that and only some kinda nelly faggot would call him a failure.

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Still better than Luke becoming a cock sucking transgender freak on the good side.

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Oh God, I remember Jew Jew Abrams saying that he's gonna make Luke gay...

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I was really ignorant about the whole transgender thing for a while. I figured medical science had advanced enough to make a woman out of a man and vice versa. Turns out that isn't the case. A male to female transgender is still easy to spot after full conversion surgery. It's disturbing.

The short of it is that they can make you appear to be a woman from head to toe, but your body thinks your new organs are a wound and your voice remains unchanged. Supposedly it isn't the same for female to male conversions. It makes sense now why so many transgenders either regret it or kill themselves.

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Don’t give them ideas.

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I seem to remember a series of books that detailed Luke falling to the darkside after the empire was crushed, the rise of the first order, Luke falling to the dark side and coming back to the light. They were all made non canon when Disney took over.

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I believe that Obi-Wan allowed Vader to kill him so that Luke may raise in power without unbalancing the force.

Obi Wan suicided himself because the writer was a pervert and hated good people. Wake up.

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They're gonna make Luke the evil white man.... aren't they...

... And a Black Muslim Jew non-binary midget will save the world! Voila! Checkmate, you Nazi Racist White supremacists!

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check out the redirector addon

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I wonder if it works with Waterfox.

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Your gif is dead

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The image host is down for maintenance.

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I think the title is a bit strong for what he actually says. He is candid and not shy of giving his thoughts, but he does not trash anything really. If he is trying to trash them then he isn't very good at trashing things.

(Great video, regardless.)

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He is just very honest and sincere, not sucking up, probably why he never got to many other roles.

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The Guyver...proper 80s kid saturday vhs rental movie

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Star Wars are dead to me, after the atrocity that they committed against one of the most iconic epic artworks of the late 20th century.

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