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Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel plays like a confession.

'In other words, Wonder Wheel is about a man who’s sleeping with a woman and starts being attracted to her stepdaughter. '

'In that sense, Wonder Wheel is the opposite of a mea culpa. '

'Enter Mickey, as Mickey himself would write. '

'I Love You, Daddy was also a feature-length homage to and subtweet of Manhattan, the movie by C.K.’s idol, Woody Allen, in which Allen’s 42-year-old comedy writer dates Mariel Hemingway’s 17-year-old high school student. '

'He’s not changing his story, but even its most careful presentation—and, to the extent it is possible to separate form from content, Wonder Wheel is a beautiful movie, elegantly designed and shot—still seems like a hollow, trumped-up fraud. '

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