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Hopefully that shuts Ben "Karma's a Bitch" Affleck pie hole about politics.


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Pretty sure it's because the movie was a pile of dogshit. Superhero movies are be for beta cucks anyways.


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Batfleck sucks, zionist woman sucks, affirmative action nigger hero sucks.

This movie is a stinky turd.


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https://archive.fo/CRYa7 | :

Ben 'The Buttman' Affleck's 'Justice League' Slammed At The Box Office | Daily Wire

"From $170 million to $96 million, that's a full $74 million drop off for a film intended to be a franchise apex."

'Could "Justice League's" terrible box-office performance be an indication that parents take issue with having their kids look up to Ben Affleck?'

'Now you might be saying to yourself, "WOW! $96 million!'

'Except this is the year 2017, not 1997 — $96 million barely makes a dent in studio profits after factoring in marketing costs, theater revenues, and production budgets. '

'Though Affleck apologized, more allegations against Affleck sprang forth, all saying he groped women at parties, hence the nickname "Buttman."'

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