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Fuck off Misty's dad. The world is not populated by nothing but institutionalized raper men.

Most men, and most organizations populated by men are not suffering from an epidemic of rape, that's why the vast majority of women have never been sexually assaulted and are well aware of the difference between a pass, a clumsy flirtation and an assault.

The leftist organizations may very well have a problem, they shun traditional behavior and have no understanding of why that behavior came about. The left refuses to acknowledge the need for behavioral parameters and conduct themselves accordingly. Their world carries no security and they can suck it.

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The left is full of fat unattractive people when ever someone flirts with them they are so surprised they think it's rape.. Case solved.

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Well look what we have here.

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If she had the dress evidence, why don't the parents find it and test it? Why didn't the parents do this before, for the year after rape but prior to her death? Granted no DNA reference to compare it too, well public-records at least. Hear-say and speculation, but whatever sexual harassment seems to be the latest "news" distraction.

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Probably because they were threatened with death

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Where does it say that in the article? It doesn't. Everything quoted is hear-say, no supporting evidence.

Also, fuck Mysty, if she is the type of person who would let another person kick out another person into, "middle of no where during a snow storm amidst subzero temperatures" with only a simple comment. Either she's: lying; stretching the truth; or telling the truth, and is a cunt for putting one's work, and who you work with/for above one's own standard for human decency, by accepting Weinsten's retort and continuing to work in the industry.

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Actress right? Probably an MK'd kid and her parents are in with this shit.

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I'm not saying the rape didn't happen, fuck people are stupid - and do stupid things (self included), but from my point of view after reading article, it just sounds like speculation. "My daughter was raped a year ago. We publicly stated we have evidence. Now our daughter is dead, autopsy is inconclusive, we suspect fowl play because A -> B -> C."

Truth is, I don't have any theory's, or care -- I guess my initial post was more knee-jerk question that popped into my mind after reading.

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I have no idea but i would take a wild guess and say because they probably aren't in the mood to die from falling off a cliff either.

The parents of these victims generally get the clue rather quick. Seth Rich's parents come to mind as a textbook example.

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Jews, posing as whites, trying to start a very public rape epidemic. Jews get some pussy and white men get the blame. Win-win for jews, lose-lose for their white victims and scapegoats. Oy gevalt -- it's the perfect plan.

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She was struck by Jewish Lightning.

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They are predators - animals. And they like it that way. If they want to do something, and they think they can get away with it, they do it. For them it is just like an alligator having fish for dinner. No conscience, no remorse, and no hard feelings about it. He wanted it, and she was there. And they want the whole world to be exactly like they are.

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What a weird way to die.

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Remember Seth Rich. Remember Michael Hastings

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He daddy most likely pimped her out to the pedo kikes.

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