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Hi all, my first post on voat.co. Hoping to share more articles and research about the movie industry. This time the subject is the twin movies, i.e. similar movies made around the same time. I find the subject rather fascinating as I have personally been through experiences watching a new movie thinking "Hey, I just saw that!". This article is just a summary of some of the more notable cases and how it could have happened.

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Awesome, Voat is run on people sharing their interests, and /v/movies could always use more content. Thanks for sharing!

Edit: and Antz/A Bug's Life is the earliest set of "twin movies" I remember watching as a kid.

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Tv shows also for example DS9 and Babylon-5

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This is because several movie studios are pitched the same script before it eventually gets picked up for production. Then, when one of the rival studios hears that the script they passed over is getting greenlit, decide to hedge their bets with a similar script / product. There's also a lot of spying in the industry, so that when Pixar is working on a movie like A Bug's Life, a competing studio gets wind of it and decides to make Antz. It's just Jews being Jews.