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She was paid way to much for a movie that sux.


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https://archive.fo/b0nf6 | https://files.catbox.moe/k5oxja.png :

Patty Jenkins' huge 'Wonder Woman' payday is still way behind the men

'Everybody knows who Patty Jenkins is, and what she did for the flagging DCEU. At this point, they need Jenkins more than Jenkins needs Wonder Woman 2. ', "It is altogether fitting and proper to celebrate Patty Jenkins' huge payday for the Wonder Woman sequel — something like $7 million to $9 million — but there's a caveat."

'Jenkins will write, direct and produce the Wonder Woman sequel, tentatively scheduled to come out in December 2019. '

'She knew her value, both as a behind-the-camera talent but also a major part of the Wonder Woman brand. ', "It's impossible to say exactly what Jenkins will wind up making for the Wonder Woman sequel, as her share will be partially tied up in its profits."

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| At this point, they need Jenkins more than Jenkins needs Wonder Woman 2.

I don't think that's true. DCs movies may not be as well like as Marvels, but they still do well in the theater. Beside that, DC has more going for it then just movies. The Batman games are incredibly good these days, the cartoon movies are badass, and Teen Titans Go is pretty much the only show on Cartoon Network.

Also... Justice League is right around the corner. Also, AquaMan.

I'm pretty sure Jenkins could bail on WW2, the sequel would still make bank even if it sucked, and DC would still be rich as fuck for many, many years after we all forgot who she was.