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I saw the new movie this weekend. Went into it with low expectations, after reading the book and seeing the original 15+ years ago.

I have to say I liked it, they tried to follow the book, Unlike the original movie that had no idea what even happened in the book. Although in the end of the book to bind themselves together there the whole child orgy scene. They did stay away from all the child sex and pedophilia in the new movie. But the original book is full of it. They also did a good job in the movie of making the Jew act like a fucking Jew. (what I thought was the best part) Just like the book did.

Overall they did fuck it up for the second one by following the book like they did. The second half is going to be so out there no one will like it if they saw the first, and have no idea of the original story. Personally I am excited to see how they think they can do it and make it look good and not super CGI cheesy. I went with a couple of girls, they liked it until I explained what happens in the second half and told them all about what really happens in the big scene with all the kids at the end. After that they thought it was extremely disgusting and one of the stupidest movies they ever saw.

You know how to ruin a scary movie for cute girls in their mid 20's, explain to them what really happens to the outcast girl in the book that they have been cheering for the whole movie.

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I thought this movie was rad. Not so much scary, just awesome