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Keep on virtue signalling in your movies. Never interrupt an enemy while they are making mistakes.

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pretty much this.but this is not only confined to hollywood movies but to streaming services as netflix because for example: yesterday night i watched the first episode of narcos season 3 and boy just in one episode there were two gay scenes with the last one with deep french kissing and all.really disgusting shit and i'm not a prude by any means

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Agreed. I actually liked the storyline of Sens8, but the constant hitting you over the head with gay-trans-gay-trans sex scenes and bullshit was too much. I didn't bother with season 2.

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I kind of wanted to watch narcos just because Ive lived in Colombia for some time and was in the country when Escobar was killed.

Netflix really is becoming the "gay" streaming service.

Its actually amazing how quickly everything has gone gay. Television is just aggresively gay now. Pop culture is gay.

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How homophobic of you to not want watch men making out! /s

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marvels defenders had luke cage bitching at danny rand about his white privilege. I stopped watching it right there

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I hear they're gonna "reboot" The Matrix. Which is, of course, exactly what we all want. It's totally not gonna suck.

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No. They'll turn it into SJW claptrap and fuck it up. Did you see what the Wachowski brothers did to Sense8?

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They're both transgender and are no longer men. They're things.

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Did you know they aren't brothers anymore? One had a sex change...

Edit: I should say they aren't called the wachowski brothers anymore, it's fucking mental.

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Did you expect anything spectacular from them in the first place?

The Matrix trilogy, which is their best work so far, wasn't good. It had so much promise, but it went nowhere. The final showdown between Smith and Neo had been seen a few times by anyone who had watched a Dragonball Z story arc. Seriously, all that was missing was a random person commenting on the unbelievable power levels being achieved.

Though Hollywood would manage to make The Matrix trilogy even worse than what it was to begin with.

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Since the wachowski brothers became women there is speculation that the red pill was about sexuality and transgenderism all along.

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I'm sure they'll insert more diversity because of course the one shouldn't be white

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Will Smith was picked to play Neo but he chose to do Wild Wild West instead, Val Kilmer was picked for Morpheus but i don't recall why he didn't do it.

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Box office sales potential in US: 350 million people Box office sales potential in the World: 7.5 billion people

That's why they don't care about American values. If anything they are in their way.

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welp, time to meme up a new word for "redpill" because their no doubt gonna invert or somehow fuck with it.

could we reinforce this term's original definition or is it better to start over with a blank slate(that hollyweird didnt give us)? is "woke" acceptable or should we not use coonspeak seriously?

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So they'll swap Neo and Trinity, for gender equality?

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That probably would have been an improvement, come to think of it. Reeves has grown tremendously as an actor since then, but at the time he really dragged the movies down (especially the sequels.) Moss would have been a much better lead, at least in my opinion. On the other hand, she hasn't improved in the slightest since then, so the casting was probably for the best.

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Maybe people actually don't want to give their money to a group of disgusting pedophiles that make shit movies

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One of my main reasons for boycotting was watching An Open Secret. I will not support an industry that does this to children. I can't even see a trailer these days without wondering what the children in those movies/tv shows have been put through.

That and it's mostly degenerate filth that will literally eat your soul. I'm so much better off after giving up pretty much all media.

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Great job goats. Keep up the boycott....make it great. ..

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I don't know why but the quality of films being produced in the film industry tanked long ago. What is particularly obvious to me is that a lot of films being made in the medium-low budget area are complete rubbish even before you get to the production stage. Think about the scripts that are chosen. They must actually think that those things are high quality and of what is on offer, the most likely to make profit. Nobody in their right mind would think those things are going to be popular films or of lasting value.

Keep up the boycott. You are right! I used to like seeing films. Now I try and avoid them.

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Please continue making shitty movies and guilting your "audience" into seeing them because "THE CAST IS ALL WOMYNS" /s

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is that actual bad box office or just the tax evasion scheme Hollywood is running?

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Who wants to go watch some virtue signal garbage while paying too much to sit with a bunch of uncivilized baboons. I'll wait a year and watch it at home.. or not.. probably not..

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