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All-female Lord of The Flies remake

This is why people are giving up on watching movies.

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Bear Grylls already did this with The Island. The whole season is on YouTube. Here's a taste. Hint: it was a disaster. https://youtu.be/w7NoW703iQY

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I'm going to make a wild guess before even watching a second of it:

1, across all the women on the entire set, there will be basically no one who knows how to survive on their own without guidance from the local men or the film crew
2, they'll put in a few hours of work a day, but spend the majority of their time complaining about how much work they have to do or how tired they feel
3, the entire camp will quickly develop petty rivalries, resulting in a total breakdown of cooperation long before the show is supposed to be finished.

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Pissing under the water in the Pacific, does she want a UTI? Seriously though, they should've put on one massive bull dyke on the island to cow the women. It would've been hilarious.

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Thanks so much for this comment and the link. It looks like video gold. Was it really worth seeing the whole series? That funny?

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I actually can't fucking watch that.

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just watch old movies, I'd recommend the thin man series and anything by frank capra

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just watch old movies, I'd recommend the thin man series and anything by frank capra

You and me both. I recently downloaded almost all the Charlie Chan movies, which were made in the 1930s and 40s. Very politically incorrect these days, even though in the movies Chan is treated like some kind of detective genius by white police chiefs. But the movies have a funny black man in them, so they are verbotten by the social justice warriors.

Another series to watch is the black and white Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes series. It's not as entertaining as the Charlie Chan series, in my opinion, but still good fun.

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Thin man! Friggin gold.

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They're all shit imo.

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The real missed point is the fact that after two days the girls would break off into tribes and literally start killing and eating each other.

The boys take weeks to get to that point, plus the boys only pick off the weakest fatties who would probably bring disaster to the whole population anyway.

Edit: Downvoat from the grease goblin fatty prolly

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all female ghostbusters remake

nah, we gave up a while ago

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"Women wouldn't act like that" is the type of comment that gets you banned from websites when in the context of any other gender-swapped character.

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Yeah, we'd be 10 times worse but no one will say it.

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Hollywood needs to stop getting movie ideas from Reddit.

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What? You mean it's not a good idea to cater to an audience where over half are under 18, live with their parents, and are known to complain constantly?

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Because that worked so well with Ghostbusters /s

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Part of the reason why Ghostbusters 2016 was bad is because the film as-is would have been worse than Ghostbusters 2 (which is regarded near-universally as "worse than Ghostbusters 1" among the fanbase) even if you literally just gender-swapped everything in the film, adjusted the dialogue to reflect this change, and otherwise left the plot untouched. Everyone was literally nothing more than some cheap stereotype (particularly the dumb hysterical black token character), the villain would have actually made a bit more sense as a rage-filled obese SJW obsessed with GamerGate and all the "misogynist sexist pigs" they thought filled the Internet (shows just how much psychological projection they suffer from), and the Ghostbusters would have still made no sense being changed from "basically sci-fi exterminators who were totally out of their league" in the first movie to "random start-up exterminators who suddenly and without any explanation become superheroes by the finale" in the third/reboot.

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And this will be even worse because all the characters will be fucking marry seus which will miss the point of the book even harder.

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"The author said he made his book all-male because a group of men can be boiled down to be representative of society in a way that women, in his opinion, cannot. He said: “I think women are foolish to pretend they’re equal to men – they’re far superior, and always have been."

Heh...if you say so champ

On a side note I'm going to go ahead and call it now that the fat one gets a rock dropped on her head within 20 minutes of getting to the island.

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What if the author's comment at the time was basically to keep the feminist extremists of his time happy, and was equivalent in his mind to telling a small child "Yes, you're a superhero, now go off and save the city while I finish talking to your teacher."?

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I understand where he's coming from. Women are soft and they smell nice. Thus they are better than men... when it comes time for a cuddlefuck.

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It's just pandering, which I am by this time completely sick and tired of being subjected to. Women are not superior to men. They are different from men. In the majority of ways, men are superior, but in many ways women are superior.

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The more society is able to insulate people from reality (i.e. the more hypothetical life becomes), the more women are superior.

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I know this is an old comment but you should keep this in mind:

Obviously saying the opposite would be insanely stupid these days. We have reached the point where saying something like that is no brave, it's suicide.

So yeah, the author isn't stupid and is just pandering to avoid problems OR...

Certain creative types value feelings. Some have come to idealize and downright idolize women for their perceived superior connection with their feelings, making them the ideal role model in their heads.

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All-female Lord of The Flies remake faces backlash as it 'misses the point' and 'women wouldn't act like that'

The real point was shown on some danish version of survivor. They sunbathed, consumed all the resources that they arrived with and didn't think beyond the now.

It got so ugly that they changed the rules, and split the men's team and dropped half the girls on the men's island and visa versa.

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They got around that by simply casting incompetent men. They did this in masterchef and naked and afraid.

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The one I'm referring to, the guys quickly got their shit together based on their strengths.


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I want to submit a script for this.

"The women all arrive on the island and the ones who don't immediately murder each other starve to death because they can't figure out how to open a coconut. FIN"

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You forgot the epilogue where the male marines rescue the two loan survivors who have been living off cannabilising the other girls' corpses for two weeks.

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lol, a lot of people will upvote you thinking you made a joke

but no, that is the real ending of lord of the flies XD

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They are starting to show signs of Mad Cow Disease... that is if they didn't die of food poisoning, seeing as how not too many western women know how to build a firepit, start a fire, and put together a spit.

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One critic wrote: "The female-led Lord of the Flies wouldn't ever happen because women would just branch off into their own respective groups peacefully".

It's so cute she thinks that.

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