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So, cremation?

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Underrated comment of the dead.

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dead. uh huh.

i've seen this movie before.

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I wonder if he put something weird in his will for his burial, like a door that can only be unlocked from the inside, just to freak people out.

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go big or go home: BEHEAD ME

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He didn't invent the zombie genre of films, but his vision, and his works contributed significantly to the lore, and without his movies about the zombie apocalypse, other great works that drew inspiration from his movies like World War Z(the book) and The Walking Dead may have never existed.

May the zombie apocalypse come soon, so you may walk amongst us again.

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He wasn't the first person to put a zombie on film, but I'd argue he created the genre. Pre-Romero, I'm pretty sure all the "zombies" were either thinking creatures (Frankenstein's monster), or slaves to someone (voodoo witch-doctor). Romero was the first I know of that made the zombies a complete wild-card.

Anyways, RIP Romero.

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You're actually right. I just looked up pre-Romero zombie flicks and they all have to do with Haiti voodoo stuff. So, yeah, he basically did invent the genre of zombies being able to infect others.

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Or is he?

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Good lord, what info did he have against hilary now?

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She's one of the living dead....

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I never had a chance to meet him at a con. Something I always wanted to do but kept putting it off. RIP

Dawn shaped my young life

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They better put him under a concrete slab so the old man doesn't rise up again.

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Unfortunate. This latest movie was attracting some flak. Better to retire and let people remember the good stuff and forget the misfires.

Obviously, ignore this if Road of the Dead turns out to be some loony tunes cult classic.

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What was his latest movie?

The last one I saw, the zombies were gaining intelligence and attacked a settlement. It was kind of cheesy compared to his earlier works.

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