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Some great stuff on here. And I agree, fuck the Another Perfect Day haters! I guess I'll say a few things while I'm here for a few minutes. (I'm only going to pop in occasionally over the next few months; right now I'm facing the college semester from hell.)

As much as I love the debut album, I'm always hesitant to recommend stuff from it to newbies since the band hadn't quite hit their stride yet, but if someone has gone to the trouble of coming here and clicking a sidebar link, it's probably OK.

Middle era! I kind of regret not putting any tracks from 1916 on my list, but nothing really fit in and I was trying to keep the length manageable. Going to Brazil pops into my head so often while just walking around, it's old school rock 'n' roll and catchy as fuck. My favorite track though has to be I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care). This is really the album where Lemmy, Phil, and Wurzel finally perfected their new style together. I feel like 1916 more so than most of Motörhead's other albums could easily take up multiple discussion posts all on it's own.

I'll be honest here, I don't have much love for Orgasmatron's title track. Everything else on the album holds up much better to my ears. But the fact that it's at the end of the album makes for easy skipping.

LOVE Devils! That outro is just something else. I could gush about Bastards forever as well. It's my favorite Motörhead album and contains my favorite lineup of the band. Lemmy's voice has this odd layering effect applied to it on the whole album that took a few listens to get used to, but once I did i fell in love with it.

The version of No Voices in the Sky that you linked to contains a fucky pitch shift on it. Sometimes recordings get mistakingly altered like this with the most famous example being Light My Fire by The Doors. Here are the two versions:

Original Version (and the pitch at which they played it live)

Radio (not to be confused with the radio edit) and LP Vinyl Version

I have perfect pitch so I can immediately tell when the notes are different, even if they are all the same relative to each other. Take a listen to both of those and you'll see what I mean. Anyway, here's a pitch-correct version of No Voices in the Sky:


Well you almost followed your own rule on Modern era, but I did in fact have Lost Woman Blues on my playlist, but I don't really give a fuck. Listen to it again you bastards! God Was Never on Your Side is a prime cut from Kiss of Death, one of my favorites from that album.

Killer list man! I like the more musically diverse selection here.


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Oh shit, missed "Lost Woman Blues". I will swap it out with "Keep Your Powder Dry". thanks for the catch on "No Voices", one of my favorites and I should have listened to that link the whole way through. Can't assume with youtube I guess.

You made an interesting comment with the bit about 1916 deserving its own thread. Maybe we can have discussions (in the Metal Mythos vein) of various albums. We probably need a few more folks to get those started.