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Depends which 250r you mean.

If its the 100% learner illegal epic 250cc two stroke twist and die that hasnt been built new since the mid 80s but is widespread everywhere around the world as a 'new' bike thanks to grey importing then thats up there.

If you mean that toy bike aimed at 17 year olds they call a cbr 250r then lol.

Personally i prefer a Panigale but when you mention these things youre accused of being a latte swilling poof.

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I meant the inline 4 250's from '88 to the late 90's.

It's not a two-stroke though, that's the NSR.

With this bike the revs seem to go on forever, until you reach 19k redline.

But the best part about it is that you can just cruise around town doing 40km/h and be either completely inconspicuous, or turn everyone's heads (where is the f1 car?) Based on your choice of gear... at only 40.

I have an old 600 which is much faster, but it does 110 in first gear, so unless you take it to a track or break the law, it gets boring after a while. The 250s on the other hand... well you can use all the power in the twisties or even just on your regular commute.

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Why is it.. it... not if...