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So, what are the goals you would like to achieve by adopting a minimalist lifestyle? Reduced stress is already a benefit for me. The goal for me is early retirement.

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I agree, I do work a lot of hours but in just 5 more years I will be able to retire. I'll still work but work on my own projects and dedicate more time and thought and energy to make something and be able to say "i did that".

I should put together a list of rules that I try and follow but here are some of them. 1. function over fashion - buy quality rather than quantity 2. multi functional - stay away from those niche specific items 3. nicknacks are for pattywhacks - keep the clutter out 4. portable - does it fit in one trip, i move a lot so renting a truck or going back and forth just sucks 5. regifting - sometimes people just dont get it, they think i need things but i dont want things so they buy me something and i am still thankful because i then have something to gift to someone else who might appreciate it and appreciate me for giving it to them.

you have any type of rules you try and follow to keep it minimal?