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I (gasp) pay for an email provider that does not scan my email for advertising purposes. The provider also allows me to create an insane number of email aliases. I set these up to forward to trash or a folder for that alias. Everything is still forwarded to my one email account. If someone gets spammy, I delete the alias and never see spam that would have gone to that email alias again. I also do not get featured or sponsered email adverts (like gmail does) because I pay. It is about 50 dollars a year (cheaper than running my own email server on a vps).

For email management on my mobile, I use the app that the company made. On my computer I use Claws mail.


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I have 4 email address outside of my work one. I have a primary where I do real stuff and the only businesses that have it are bills. I have strict filtering on it and only allow certain things through. I have a secondary that collects my garbage for me, including downloading everything from an old email I have had for 20 or so years that I keep because it is linked to my MSDN. And I have my edu account that is only used for my school and my MIcrosoft DEV account.

I have Outlook on my PC that downloads them all and I use Inbox for the Gmails and Outlook for the edu on my phone. Generally I make decisions on emails when they hit my phone. Things going to one account are generally ads or junk and I glance at it on my watch and decide if I want to keep it for later or not. Ones to the other accounts usually actually need reading so I will either leave them be for the time being or open on my phone.


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I have a few email lists I subscribe to, but while they do some good and I care about the causes, I've noticed it's too cluttered and I don't really read them, so I will get rid of ALL of them and add them back one by one. I can't help fight for causes when I am dealing with clutter.