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Posted a reply this in another thread.... and will shamefully admit I watch a few clips of this crap yesterday evening, I sometimes tune into this faggot treck wreck for a few mins every couple of years just to see the homosexual doomsday open border cliff edge that Europeans are going over. The Euro vision is never worth watching but if you can see it condensed down to a 10 min clip or 5 min clip it could be worth looking at just for the mere trainwreck entertainment value. These clips I seen on twitter, on 4 chan and here were weird and entertaining. German got ZERO points, everyone in Europe phoned in and said they hated Germans giving them zero points England, however 'judges' felt sorry for Ze Germans and they were awarded some kind of score by the faggy elite judges, unseen, off screen and un-elected judges i assume much like the EU is run. The Britbong or United Brexit Kingdom or whatever you call them now got some points but not enough, it is their worst place result. Alongside their last Worst places results of 2003, 2008, 2010, and now 2019, whatever weird euro disco techno party pop music Eurovision wants England or Britian or whomever is playing that day, well they just don't got that shit 'euro' disco pop sound they are looking for. Rothschild made money from this Euro shit, Tomer Levy, a graduate of the Edmond de Rothschild Leadership Program and a student at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, reached an agreement with the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (Kan) of creating three livestreams. There is also world euro global politics of votes, the jihadistani Turkic Albania dispora immigrant islamic type going back years, the Nordic blonde faggots and lesbos all vote for each other, the Balkan Russo types these have become very powerful voting blocks and they always back each other up no matter what kind of shitty music is produced they vote for each other. North Macedonia was going ok for a while it was part of that kinda East Europe Russo Greek Albania Austria, Moldova voting block. The guy singing for Italy could not speak Italian he seemed like an annoying Libyan Albania Egypt Iran gangster fucky fucky wannbe, I only remember that the song was totally shit, he probably can't speak Italian, this sand rat sounded out of tune all the time, this shit song almost won the Euro contest.

That nasty bitch Madonna was there doing some weird babylon devil style ritual performance. The Swedistan Negroe pop song had the backing of Warner Music, it was written by a White looking Swede Jew, its basically a bunch of Fat African Negroes jumping around and singing some disco pop love song, I remember nothing of the song, the meldoy, the lyrics, it was completey generic and unmemorable except for the fat Africans moving their ass when you may have expected to see some Sweden person shaking their ass. The guys in Australia had an entry, it was this girl singing while on wires or stilt, it seems like she was the only person who knew music, it was in tune, timed well, the melody was done well, nice harmonies and she was probably classically trained in something, it was like some weird version of a big Disney production stage show, maybe the only song worth watching that evening I can still hear some of her melody in my head. The song that won was an almost totally forgettable Dutch Holland Netherlands pop tune, it was this one dude performing but the tune did nothing for me I can't really remember any of it because it just seemed like a really ordinary faggot covers band that might play shit like Coldplay / N-Snyc gay boyband / Radiohead / R.E.M.'s / Bryan Adams that kind of crybaby faggot soft rock soft pop shit. One funny moment was watching Swedish team Afro-Nigger song that was expected to win, but the public hated it and gave Holland all the votes, Afro nigger looked angry while Dutch fag boy won. Fuck Sweden and Fuck the Eurovision !

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bro you totally watched the whole thing lol

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This is the Schitzo take I was looking forward to reading about this eurovision

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I love a good schizo post.

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Only bit worth watching is the votes just for the inevitable controversy and to show you how fucking degenerate everything has got.

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Sir this is a McDonald's.

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Israel got ZERO points except from one county, Belarus, who gave them their highest points.

Nothing odd about that.

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so belarus sent a jewish representative

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I'm a bit lazy to elaborate right now but, it's like nationality for some means more to belong to a company than to a nation. Like for instance, you had something called Sweden™ and swede™people™ but in reality is more like being an Ikea™ employee.

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Sports helped to spearhead this sort of mentality. Now every single EU nation has niggers in local sportsteams and nationals, and as long as 'it' plays ok, hes "our guy". I swear sports retards are the most gullible idiotic human beings on earth

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Exactly, many people nowadays see it like that. An african nigger has the exact same nationality as me because the government issued him a paper. Doesn't work like that.

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Why is there an "Euro"vision contest taking place in fucking Israel?

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Stunning and brave.