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One of the problems with the internet is that information can change and people will forget what things used to say. At least printed text from that era shows us that the holocaust numbers are inflated. This is always one of the best pieces of information to bring up to people... Even texts from that time shows that there were at most, I think about 200 or 300,000 jews total in Germany yet we're supposed to believe 6 million died. Even if you add Poland or other countries the entire jewish population of Europe couldn't have been much more than a few hundred thousand. I forget where I saw the comment (I think it was on the old MDE sub), but it had some statistics from ORIGINAL SOURCES that provided these numbers. This is a good reason to always try to look to digital scans of original sources because it's tough to fake those numbers.

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This is exactly why they burn books.

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Editing wikipedia articles is a modern version of book burning too

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MFW my grand parents were right about not trusting this newfangled wikipedia thing.

(They also had Anne Franks diary and were leftists tho)

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Where can I read about that? I hear it a lot on this sub and I'd like to know where so I can show people. I agree with it just would like to be very certain

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That six million number has been floating around since WW1. At the time Communism was synonymous with Jews because of the heavy population overlap. You are correct, there were less than 500k German Jews by the time Hitler invaded Poland, as many had emigrated to other nations, or to Palestine. Poland was hit the hardest, 3M+ Jews. There was a pact between Russia and Germany splitting up the country. I suspect, given Stalin's policy that "there are no Russian POWs", that many of those Jews were actually killed in Stalin's gulags, and not in so called, Nazi death camps.

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Wikipedia is and always has been a cucked shithole of misleading information. CNN or FOX News are as reliable as Wikipedia.

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They're really accelerating the information war. False flag soon?