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I have met many educated blacks, the ones people refer to when they say "some of the smartest people I've met are black", they are without exception dumb as rocks. It can be hard to see through the facade, colleges do a very good job of teaching them how to sound intelligent while not saying anything. It's like how you see Neil Tyson-DeGrause on a physics program but will never see him doing work on a white board.

In pharmacy for instance, a Pharmacist is supposed to have a keen understanding of the interactions that drugs will have with other drugs under different medical circumstances. And white/asian pharmacists are incredibly knowledgeable. But according to my friends the blacks will constantly go to their hospitals digital program and plug in numbers and repeat the results. Zero abstract thinking involved. Basically, as a white man, you could do their work as effectively without much effort and minimal training.

When you see blacks in higher education they are made to be smart sounding useful idiots. Sometimes they will expose themselves by doing something like releasing a rap album as a thesis or babbling their way to a debate championship. But generally they can blend in as long as they can stick within predetermined boundaries. But they never truly have our intelligence, merely a poor facsimile, and certainly will never have the morals or ethics we have.

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They just give them a bigger vocabulary to say dumb nigger shit with.

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I know skilled black software developers which can't really be faked.

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skilled at google-fu or skilled when you put them on the spot?

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For a bunch of global corp representatives who say they believe everyone is exactly the same and equal in all things, the media sure spends an awful lot of time calling out differences between races and telling us all about black this and muslim that.

It's all predicated on that prejudiced bigot Saul Alinsky the cult leader that does all their thinking for the followers. He said everyone prefers whites in all things so lets punish whites to even things up. Like they're cutting up a cake at a kid's party.

War is good for a lot of things.

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Nogs, man I don't know how anyone thinks they're equal to civilized races.

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Virgin salon client vs Chad self-buzzcut

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Yeah, that is definitely what is holding them back.

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How many times we must be reminded that niggers are "just like us" and any failure on their part is just a misunderstanding... may be at some point people will wake up this message needs to be constantly reinforced or it falls apart... like brainwashing.

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I need a good redhead to put a tight celtic braid in my hair.

[–] yevrei ago 

Why have a race war when you can just ban Afro-Caribbean hairdressers?

[–] waterniggas [S] ago 

yo nigga we cain't go to war

why nigga?

they ain't gots no afro-carribean hairdressers on no battlefield!

aww shit nigga u rite, i aint goin to no war!

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