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Proudly water-free since 2015. 💪🙏

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we got a drymaxxer here

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straight tap? yo, I'm not tryna get high here

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You're right bro. My piss was too yellow today.

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I unironically dank a bunch of water today after reading this post. Feels good, helps my kidneys, keeps me more alert than coffee, and more importantly signals to other white people of the need for racial purity!

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Im glad my parents raised me on water. An amazing choice i cannot thank them enough for

[–] talmoridor-x ago 

when you have no electrolytes

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[–] Mistermonger ago 

And gatorade

[–] baronOfGraymatter ago 

I never touch the stuff. Fish fuck and shit in it.

[–] Assholecasserole ago 

Just get drinking your soda, goy.

[–] baronOfGraymatter ago  (edited ago)

Only if it has whisky in it. And is soda, not cola.


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too long since an apupost, thank you

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Someone on voat told me once that waterniggas were Hawaiians. I'm confused now.

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waterniggas are niggas who drink water

hawaiians are island niggers