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You've discovered a new stereotype in the wild. Remarkable!

As for the rest of us, always check the ingredients labels on your food - the Kikes put that shit in everything. It's their second favourite filler next to soy.

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And corn syrup. The reason it's in everything is because the corn industry is heavily subsidized.

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No, you haven't figured out how Kikes and the Government operate. The reason it's in everything is because it's a soft poison. The reason it's heavily subsidized is so it's cheaper to put it in everything.

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They don't just eat it out of the bag do they?

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So I learned something new today. Dindu's really love to eat corn starch.

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Upvote all the cornstarch-eating videos, downvote all the ones warning of the dangers of eating it.

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a-a-are you a real j-jew??

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How the fuck did you find this?

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Someone linked this video of an obese old mammy eating a pile of cornstarch a few days ago. I thought it was a gay one-off freak ASMR video. Couple days later I searched for "eating corn starch" thinking that video would be the only relevant result. I was wrong. I was dead wrong.

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See, that's what I'm wondering.

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Suspicious , that you would be so aware about this uncommon topic. So knowledgeable about all the videos.

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From now on if a nignog ever talks shit about white people being weird or whatever nonsense, just say white people don't eat laundry detergent.

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...but tide pods...

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How did you get a full-page screenshot like that, on your phone? Or did you just paste them together?

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corn starch magic

[–] Irish_Amnesia ago 

Scroll capture on a Samsung Note will do it.

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Congrats on showing me degeneracy I have never heard about. Seriously thank you.

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It's rare for me too but the world just keeps on honkin

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Whoa-OK! Just wow..."Some Black women call eating cornstarch “addicting.” Others express a strong penchant for kaolin clay, chalk, drywall, or “small powdery rocks.” Searched online and came up with this gem. https://nationalvanguard.org/2017/10/eating-cornstarch-chalk-and-clay/

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because there's a type of starchy dirt in africa that their species eats

they're always starving so they're adapted to eating that starchy dirt

they can't get it over here so they eat substitutes like corn starch and chalk

I guess in haiti they found a similar dirt to make mud cookies out of

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