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Next time you jerking off imagine this greasy Jew behind you encouraging you.

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Thanks im not masturbating ever again in my life

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Better yet, look at the young beautiful white woman who, instead of being home taking care of her children and husband, is throwing away her youth whoring herself out for a handful of meager shekels so some stub dicked Kike in Israel can rub his baby dick.

This is the real reason they pushed for women in college, not to learn anything useful, as we've seen from those that actually attempted engineering degrees, but to 1) keep white women from having babies while their bodies are best suited for the purpose and 2) keep them in so much debt that they the only way they can make enough money to pay it back is through whoring themselves out to the Kikes.

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College is bad for everyone. It puts you in debt to jews, indoctrinates you with the jewish anti-white agenda, and wastes the best years of your life with hedonism.

The younger a woman is, the more capable they are of producing healthy offspring. This is what bothers me about the anti-pedophile crowd here on voat. Obviously child rape is abhorrent (any rape is), and anyone who's actually attracted to pre-pubescent children is sick in the head (just like homos, trans, etc.), and yes, although I think its an overreaction, the only solution may be to kill these people.

But threatening to kill men who are trying to reproduce and save your own damn species is not helping to avert white genocide. Arguing that a 17 yo was raped because she had sex with a 32 yo is just like a SJW arguing she was raped because she was drunk. The puritanical anti-sex doctrine wrapped up as "anti-pedophilia" doesn't actually address the issues of child rape and just makes it harder for men to make healthy white babies.

Its part of the reason that white women go to college; because they're not socially allowed to start having children, even by the same people on here who recognize that white genocide is occurring. And jews have tricked white people into enforcing these restrictions themselves! By they time she's finished college at 23 yo, she's already fucked 400 men and 100 niggers. She's useless for pair bonding and completely incapable of rearing a child. But hey, at least we were good goys and didn't have sex with virgins.

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Wow, got anymore pictures of that incident?

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Hahaha that's perfectly disgusting.

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That's literally how I'm 4 years clean!

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"We need porn to keep the masses down from getting pissed about what we did to their women."

You know I was just thinking about how these days I believe most people would be in favor of poisoning us to make us docile.

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That's because they're already poisoned and docile

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access to porn drastically reduces sexual abuse

This is a lie. It probably comes from the observation that countries that don't have access to the internet (and thus porn) have higher rates of sexual abuse. It boils down to saying that poorer countries tend to have more criminality, as access to the internet is basically an indicator of the firstworldness of a country. It isn't exactly that either though, it appears so just because negro countries have a higher chance of being extemely poor.

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This is exactly what fucked up Sweden so bad. In the 1970's (where a lot of today's phraseology of the left was lifted) They claimed porn would stop rape. Rape went up in Sweden after porn became freely available, but the women were so disrespected because of the "free love" idea that reporting it became a ridiculous notion to everyone in the country.

When they finally figured out was going on they made everything rape because they were too stupid not to overreact.

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Isn't this one of the paid trolls who follows Trump's feed and yells dumb shit?

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yes now that you mention it

i think he's been cited in a sex crime iirc

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"don't quit the heroin I sell you, or you will literally die. I'm so worried about you"

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The best heroin dealers... are doctors.

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Every year, six gorillion minorities are killed by incels with blue balls

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I always thought it was 60 gorillion.

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Holy shit he doesn't hold back. This jew is all out in the open

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All the trouble thats been brewin' is related to the Jewin' he been doin'

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too much masturbation and sex really, makes the body/mind fragile and weak. very simple deduction...if (((they))) want us to do it then we shouldn't.

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if (((they))) want us to do it then we shouldn't.

This has also become a rule I live by now. If the mass media is trying to convice you of something, it's almost certainly to your detriment.

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same with me. whoever the media is parading on tv the most is obviously the worst. whoever they say the bad guy is, obviously he is the good guy.. putin and assad are prime examples.

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