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Don't be so sure. East Asia will be next.

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Everywhere but Israel & China as far as I can tell.

China even has spare, largely empty, cities.

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China is about to have its infertility problen because they practically killed off a lot of their female newborns. However, they may curve around this by colonizing Africa as soon as Ebola does its job.

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I'm not so sure about that. I think a huge reason they have infiltrated us so successfully is because they carry similar phenotypes that are passed off as white in our media. Most people can't tell the difference. In Asia, there's not possibility of them blending in unless hapas become mainstream

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"unless hapas go mainsteam"

I dont even want to imagine

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South Korea already has the lowest fertility rate in the world. North Korea is higher, but still well below replacement, so a unification won't help. Soon, they will "need" doctors and engineers from Africa to replace their workforce.

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We aren't below replacement rates. That just isn't true.

Until the early 1900's 100 out of 1000 infants died. They didn't even count neonates, those under 3 months. Reaching adulthood wasn't guaranteed. Most families lost children before they reached adulthood. The first world war, the flu epidemic and the second world war led to a baby boom. We're just not in a baby boom era that's all.

It would have been incredibly easy to use propaganda to get white women to choose children over stray dogs, but every bit of propaganda and social policy has been against them having their own children. We could get them to pop out lots of babies pretty easily.

Ethnic cleansing always lead to genocide, so they'll continue with the encouragement of self genocide until they decide to kill whites openly. All Western politicians support the genocide of whites in South Africa, so they won't be complaining about it here.

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automation will replace their workforce

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Even more than that, in pure countries like Japan diversity is propagandized from outside forces like expats that lived all their life in the US and have been throughly brainwashed by the jewish media and education. Besides that yeah it's obvious, diverse means not white, not straight, not man, this can extend to other succesful races such as the japanese but mainly against whites.

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Video shaming Nips for not being polite to niggers and liberal Caucasians. You can do whatever you want in your homeland, contrary to what these faggots believe.

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They're trying to push that shit in Japan now and it pisses me the fuck off.

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The Japanese are racist. They are the Nazis of Asia.

They love being Japanese and love living on their tiny island. They also don’t like having too many foreigners.

We it comes down to it, the Japanese only trust other Japanese.

So, breaking that mentality is gonna take centuries.

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Japan has 2.5 million foreigners and they are planning to import another 350k over the next 5 years. So far, they are all "temporary", but so were the Turks in Germany.

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You're thinking of their boomers and Greatest Generation. Japanese Gen X and millennials are much like ours. Anti authoritarian leftist idiots. Not nationalistic and openly anti military.

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They're already going through with a deal with India to bring a bunch them over for the tech sector. Sure, the government claims they'll just be staying temporarily to boost the economy, but that's the same line we were fed in America. Of course the Japanese people never had a say in this and didn't approve, but it's getting pushed on them anyway. I just hope they snap at their leaders over it.

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The Jew fears the Samurai.

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Another reminder: it's time for whites to leech off welfare and crank out babies. The only thing that will change the system is whites not funding it with stolen tax revenue.

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This is how I see it... Certain European countries had colonies and they fought in the WWII for them. That was automatically a green light for them to move to those European countries as a token of appreciation for the service. Soon after, Europeans figured out that niggers and goatfuckers were excellent as cheap workers, so they seen a benefit of them moving into their countries. Little did they know that things will get out of control. Japanese, Chinese and others have always had cheap workers and they didn't see anything good importing niggers and goatfuckers. So today we are getting invaded. It all went from importing cheap work force to niggers and goatfuckers abusing the welfare system etc. And now it's too late to get rid of them. Needn't mention that (((someone))) seen it as an opportunity to commit genocide over the white race that way. "If you can't beat them, join them." I don't know if it they see it as a revenge for the WWII but whatever it is, it's very bad and majority of Europe is in deep shit at this point. Also, whites are the only ones they could guilt into anything they want. Racism, islamophobia, xenophobia, anti-semitism, you name it, it's all "white people trait".

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Very well said.

China has so many people they don’t need cheap labor because there are more than enough people willing to work at foxcon.

Sometimes I wonder if abortion was never made legal we probably wouldn’t have the goat fucker and Islam problem we have now.

Think about how many millions of white and Asian and half Asian half white babies were murdered....

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I live in Eastern Europe. In my country, we don't really plan children until we are financially settled and married, which is difficult, since pays are low and everything is expensive. Also, we work, we don't leach off welfare. This is why many people give up on having children. I believe things are the same throughout Europe. We are responsible parents unlike niggers and goatfuckers who breed like crazy and leach off welfare. They can afford doing nothing but breeding, we can't. We actually care about the future of our children.

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Yeah, if diversity is a strength then we should send whites to better 3rd world countries not the other way around.

But diversity is THEIR strength.

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Lol good point. That was probably the plan back in 1600. Any prosperity in Africa came from outside conquering

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India would love it! They got lots of rapists who would probably love them a white woman!

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