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I'm still producing stupid "art" for here. @ExpertShitposter is still cranking out Boomer/Doomer/Zoomer memes.

Think of the shoah as a culling. Out of our six-million subscribers (REAL NUMBER, BIGOT) that were scattered, the ones with faggot in their blood went back to Reddit or gave up on MDE entirely.

We are what's left. Cullings usually mean the strongest/smartest/most resourceful are the ones who remain. We've lost bugmen, bandwagon faggots who didn't even watch the comedy troupe and just used the reddit sub as a refugee camp after Incels/CringeAnarchy/(insert right-leaning sub with controversial views) got banned, and leftist shill AHS infiltrators.

All that was lost from our community was the chaff and detritus.

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CringeAnarchy is a lot better now. It absorbed a lot of MDE (your hypogeans etc) and became pretty jwoke. It's practically the main sub's weirder little brother at this point.

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It's good that something like CringeAnarchy or SubofPeace still exists, but I'm glad those users are separate from here. They are too focused on low effort anti Marxist or Jewish memes. Although we don't have much content here, a lot is creative and sometimes gives the spark of the good old days. It's also good that this sub isn't obsessed with trying to dig up the past, but has become a bit of a thing on it's own.

And really I'm fine with MDE "dying". Nothing lasts forever, and things that last too long always become corrupted to the point of destroying the pure, original experience. MDE may have split up, Sam may never even make a project like it again, but it changed all of us in some way and will always remain in time in it's original unadulterated form. I think that's the true meaning behind MDE Never Dies.

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The cream rises to the top

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woha!! i didt know cring anarchy go t beened. i just checked, its quaranined. but alive. and its funny. not a single cringe post. 100% political posts, a s the only right wing refugee center that is alive


its what i tiold all the compaainers about mde. it got banned bacuae all the pol posters got shoved into it as the only option.

i talked to the mde guy compaining about voat the most. as he says, ol MDE was powered by 3 main posters.

one died

one started using heroin as a result cuz it was his best bud irl or somthing

third one got aressted in french yellow jacket protests

well..i guess. look, ačč good things come to an end. we must adapt and over come there is a white pill beyond the black pill

whypio gonna be alright. AND iF WE WONT. then we have the opertunity to go out on our feet fighintg instead on our knees begging.

or run to the hills.

so ethr way...alll will be well. life was not meant to be a free ride. just ask hitler.

sorry i ibit dink, i usual am on a saturday.

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one died

one started using heroin as a result cuz it was his best bud irl or somthing

third one got aressted in french yellow jacket protests

Where did you hear that? Which ones were they?

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full of great heroes such as Psychedelican, Gadsden, HormelCoffee

Stopped reading right there.

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"fuck off blocked" - peak MDE?

[–] MortonLoothorKodos 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

Peak retards

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i felt special every time i got hormelled in a comment

[–] parapaparapa 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

psychedelician was alright tbh

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Yeah he was fine. On the other hand, Gasden is a fatheaded faggot and all the Hormel hype was mostly newfags trying to feel in on something they recognized.

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Sam hasn't produced anything in 3 months?

I saw his 2019 trailer and thought he would have had shit out by now

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He certainly gave the impression there was shit ready for release.

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Then that fat faggot needs to real ease the content. Of the bodies are ready, send them out. Do t sit on them over a year like some retard

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I don't think anyone here knows Sam or has a way of contacting him. Don't think he's ever really showed his face to us. Stoked for new KSTV cause it looks dope but why the fuck is it taking this long?

out of: "HydeWars

Happy World Daddy (formerly crush500)

Theatre of the Aire

Ecstasy of Car

KSTV2 (yes you will be getting KSTV2 if you are signed up here! :))" something from one of these should have dropped by now

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Pretty sure you can still shoot him an email or message on Facebook (I'm assuming he still has an account and hasn't been banned). If you keep it short and sweet and aren't a retard I'm sure he'll respond.

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He just keeps dangling the carrot from time to time for his paypigs.

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Year end he teased a bunch of stuff. Not sure why January was practically complete silence except the occasional retweet of a hood fight.

Only thing I can think is he is trying to just make so much content that he can sell some of it as a show or at least find a better way to monetize it instead of just releasing it all to Hyde wars, but maybe I’m wrong.

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I think Charls is doing great. He's still acting, suffers from being hilarious, and has a job in which he works with his friends that he grew up with. Boomer games? What's wrong with quake? Are you guys still larping on the anti-gaming thing while secretly enjoying video games?

Also Charls recently had an amazing interview with Eric in which they reminisced about shooting World Peace. Eric was praising Sam's ability to improv for like 12 hours straight in that wheelchair skit, it was legendary, but yeah keep on swallowing those black pills.

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suffers from being hilarious,

Lol if I ever go a bit wacko that's what I'll refer to it as. Getting a real job and working with people you like sounds pretty decent to me. Saw a video of him at work and he seemed to be enjoying it.

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I’m glad you guys consolidated here. You lot seem pretty legit and you post some funny content.

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Hulk Hogan, brother!

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reinvigorate the stagnating neoconservative right that has been losing for over 100 years now, and without us will soon be destroyed by the growing mongrel tide...

You don't want to reinvigorate neoconservatism. It is an arm of your enemy.

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Perhaps he means paleo-conservatism

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Stop being blackpilled, MDE is a community and a fraternity, not a comedy fandom

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And hopefully soon a group of ragtag prima-enviro-fascists bent on overthrowing governments

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