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Just needed to vent a bit. Nogs have invaded my area of work and I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe without recording them.

Time to listen to this https://youtu.be/Yql2sL_oGBQ and scroll down this endless list of victims of black crime: https://8ch.net/pol/res/11999740.html

These are NOT people and relaxing around them is the height of foolishness. Mentally prepare for the Jew, physically prepare for the pavement ape.

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Hang in there, brother. Buy a gun, keep doing your thing, and never forget the 14 words

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Hanging strong my man. I already own 5. I plan on putting a ring on my girls finger next year and using the VA home loan to pick up this nice piece of property I’ve had my eye on.

I’m not one to peddle black pills but sometimes the topsy turvy effect of living in 🤡 🌍 and having to work firsthand with all these muhfuggin doctors and engineers really gases my mower up good.

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Okay, this is epic.